In Primorsky Oceanarium on the Russian island in Vladivostok, another inhabitant, died in mysterious circumstances. This time killed the cub of the endangered Steller sea lion named stark, who in July saved the scientists in the sea of Okhotsk.

In the aquarium, which is under the patronage of President Vladimir Putin, confirmed the death of stark, but said that the reasons I cannot talk, it is checking, reports RIA PrimaMedia. At the same time, according to the site VL.ruthe sea lion was killed by “blunt force blunt type,” which was confirmed by the vet.

According to the source portal, on the body of stark was seen traces of blows with a blunt object, presumably a hammer. According to police, the deceased Steller’s sea lion fractured jaw and other head injuries, reported in the publication.

In the Primorsky aquarium after a series of frightening incidents hung a sign for vandals and thieves

As reported in the aquarium, stark was quarantined in the 20 October at 21:20 local time, and at 22:23 he was found dead. In the morning 21 October, the aquarium will be examined by the police. Seaside Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor’s office conducts pre-investigation checks circumstances of the death of the endangered animal. In the case of the establishment of qualifying characteristics will be prosecuted, according to the Pacific Maritime authority of Rosprirodnadzor.

Meanwhile, according to the, marine mammal sick with E. coli and shortly before his death in the aquarium discussed his sale.

The five-month Steller sea lion named stark settled in the aquarium at the end of September. It Jul found on the island of seals in the sea of Okhotsk staff of the Kamchatka branch of Pacific Institute of geography far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. From pinnipeds was diagnosed with dehydration and a critical shortage of supply to 60%, he weighed only 16 kg. besides, as it turned out, he suffered a severe form of pneumonia.

More than a month of sea lions were intensively fattened and treated by introducing a saline solution, and simultaneously struggling with the ectoparasites, and on September 22 was delivered to Vladivostok and placed in the Maritime aquarium. At the time of transfer to the aquarium, he weighed 19 kg, and the doctors pronounced that the animal is clinically healthy, reported in Pacific Maritime the Department of Rosprirodnadzor.

The visitors didn’t show it. Steller’s sea lion called stark in honor of the Strait separating the Islands of Russian and Popov. The Strait is named after the Russian Admiral, the commandant of Port Arthur, the commander of the fleet of the Pacific, Oscar stark.

The Steller sea lion, or Northern sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) is a carnivorous mammal family of eared seals. Found only in the far Eastern region from Japan to the Bering sea. Listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation. Males can grow up to 3.3 meters in length and reach a ton of weight, females up to 2.6 meters and up to 350 kg. Newborn baby sea lions weigh about 20 kg, but are heavy up to 30 kg. Average life expectancy is 25-30 years. Live in harems – one male to 15 females. In captivity they reproduce very reluctantly.

In Primorsky Oceanarium killed the cub of the endangered Steller sea lion – presumably with a hammer 21.10.2016

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