The doctor of one of hospitals of the city of Dalnegorsk in Primorsky Krai, who could not be vaccinated against rabies 11-year-old girl with a disability, bitten by a stray dog, and alternatively sent her parents to Church, fired, and the chief doctor of the medical institution received a severe reprimand for incomplete service compliance, said “the West Primorye” Vice-Governor of the region Pavel Serebryakov.

Earlier, regional media reported that a member of the dal hospital, citing a lack of vaccine for this deadly disease, advised the parents of the injured girl “to go to Church and light a candle that the dog was healthy”.

After the story became public, intervened power. Serebryakov called the case in Dalnegorsk “egregious” and ordered an official inspection.

In the regional desgraves reported that the chief physician of hospital of Dalnegorsk explained temporary shortages of rabies vaccine by the floodcaused by Typhoon Lionrock: bidding for the supply of vaccine did not have time to spend on time due to emergencies.

“Dalnegorsk urban district – the only area where there was an auction for the purchase of vaccine. At present on this fact an inspection is carried out. We find out why the chief doctor of the medical facility did not ensure timely procurement of vaccines”, – told reporters the representative of the Department Xenia Gusentzova. She added that if the doctor really told the girl’s parents what the media wrote, “it would be a violation of medical ethics.”

According to the source “the West Primorye,” the dog bit the girl in the end of September. Then dal in the hospital the injured was taken two of three planned by the rules of shot, and when the girl came to the third vaccination, she was refused and asked to “go to Church”. After that, the girl’s parents complained to reporters. According to Serebryakov, October 11, the baby was introduced the required rabies serum.

In Primorye dismissed the doctor from-for absence in the hospital, vaccines for rabies, citing his advice to the patient to go to Church 11.10.2016

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