In Primorye owe child support from all forces tried to hide from the bailiff. The woman provoked the chase and even tried to hide in a cemetery behind a tombstone. To escape from the guardian of the law elementsize prevented the Raven, giving the woman his croak.

The bailiff on OUPDS of the Department of court bailiffs of the Oktyabrsky district of Primorsky Krai went to the neighbouring town, carrying the drive to the bailiffs of the citizen B., of the debtor for alimony. The officer noticed elementsize on the road. Woman “trying to find a ride, strolled along the road, desperately “voting”, they say in the message a press-services of management of Federal bailiff service in Primorsky Krai.

The bailiff stopped and tried to apprise the citizen B. the decision to drive. In response, the woman showed the presence of “obscene gesture” and “began to run towards the cemetery, located across the street.”

The bailiff chased the bitch, forced his way “through the thickets of bushes and branches of trees.” At some point, the officer lost sight of elementsize. But hidden citizen B. gave the Raven, “which sat on a tree near one of the monuments and cawed continuously, stubbornly looking down.”

The press service of the ironically described the events, paying special attention to detail, but without departing from the peculiar institutions of stationery style. “The alleged beating of a dislocation escaped elementsize, the bailiff on OUPDS came “from behind” and quietly tapped the shoulder lurking behind the monument of the citizen B.”, – stated in the message Department.

Now trying to escape the debtor will have to not only pay child support but most likely a fine for obstructing the legitimate activities of a bailiff. “Elementsize, who decided to compete in cross-country running with the bailiff on OUPDS, was made the administrative Protocol under article 17.8 of the administrative code, which provide penalties of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount from one thousand to one thousand five hundred rubles”, – noted in press service. The case materials have already been transferred to the world court for consideration.

The debtors used a variety of methods of resistance to the work of bailiffs. If the citizen B. in Primorye was limited to obscene gesture, and the escape in Astrakhan in 2013, Gypsies in an attempt to free the land occupied illegally, tried to intimidate officials with spells and curses.

In turn, the bailiffs also have to seek out new forms of influence on defaulters. In 2012, we discussed the idea, adopting the experience of the United States, post pictures of wanted child support debtors on the boxes for the pizza.

In General, the work of court bailiffs is so curious that in 2011, even made a rating of the various incidents that took place with the service personnel. The incident divided in four categories – “Mystic,” “Divorce in Italian”, “Good neighbors” and “hide and seek”.

In Primorye, the crow surrendered to the bailiff, who was hiding in the cemetery elementsize 03.11.2016

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