Government of Zabaikalsky Krai where already there are serious problems with debts to public sector employees, and in 2017 will freeze the indexation of all social benefits, except for benefits for burial, said the Minister of Finance of Marina Kirillova journalists on November 17.

“We have now made a commitment that before the end of the year after all the situation with the social support measures to stabilize and come out with minimal accounts payable. Therefore the decision on maintaining the level of payments on our laurels”, – quotes the portal “Submedia”.

The funeral benefit will increase because they are linked with the Federal indexation, said the Deputy Chairman of the government of one of the most problematic regions of the country.

November 17 at session of the government of Transbaikalia in the new composition was approved the draft law on the budget of the region for 2017 and the planning period of 2018 and 2019, which will soon go to the legislative Assembly, reported on the website of the regional Cabinet.

In his presentation, Kirillova noted that the regional budget was formed under uncertainty because the size of subsidies from the Federal budget is not completely known, so the basis was taken the parameters of the own income, as well as targeted subsidies.

The national debt of the region has reached a level of 25 billion rubles

“We received the budget from the expenditure side in the amount of 40 billion rubles, the deficit amounted to 300 million rubles. Income is defined in the sum of 39.7 billion rubles,” – said the Minister. According to her, the subject is forced to pass a budget with a minimal deficit due to the fact that the level of debt of the region reached a marginal level of 25 billion rubles. To increase the deficit region is not allowed.

The head of the regional Ministry of Finance stressed that all social obligations of the territory, the payment of salaries to state employees, funds for compulsory medical insurance and ensure viability of the social sphere “was taken into account in the maximum volume”.

Meanwhile, in Transbaikalia, despite the change of leadership in the region, continues to record the problems with payments of salaries to employees of budget organizations. In particular, according to local media, Chita teachers produce a “penny” payments to cover the delay of salaries, similar problems arose in the schools of Karymsky district of the province.

In connection with the frequent complaints in the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has created a special Departmentresponsible for investigating the facts of nonpayment of wages.

On 12 September, the then acting head of the region Natalia Zhdanova, get rid of the console after the elections, announced that the funds in the budget of the Baikal region, where in 2015, wage arrears have repeatedly led to rallies and strikes, enough to pay salaries to public sector workers only until October, and indexing this year will not.

On 9 September Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to Chita zhdanovoj instructed to prepare proposals for the elimination of arrears of wages to employees of enterprises whose accounts were frozen. Zhdanov then noted that “many accounts are blocked even on debt 2014″. Earlier, she sent a letter to Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich with a proposal to reduce energy tariffs in the TRANS.

The problem with debts to state employees in the region led to mass protests.

In problem Transbaikalia will index only funeral benefits 17.11.2016

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