In the village of Strugi-Krasnyye teen girl barricaded in one of the houses and opened fire on the guards. Then the young man killed his companion and shot himself, writes “Pskov information Agency”.

The deaths of two 15-year olds confirmed in the RF IC. In connection with the incident criminal case under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer”), according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

Later, the death of the students was confirmed by the police. “Who opened fire on police officers of two teenagers committed suicide”, – said the head of the press service of the regional police Alexei Baranov. According to him, the motives of adolescents is not yet established, reports TASS.

Shots were heard on Monday from one of the houses on the street Kudryavtseva in Strugi Krasnie. Police came under fire when it was engaged in the search for a teenager missing. In the end, damaged the official car of the Ministry of interior.

The guards and the villagers was not injured, said “Interfax”.

“Law enforcement officers for several hours negotiating, but the result has not been reached. Later, minors ceased to communicate,” reads a press release from the office of the RF IC.

In this regard, was a planned special operation with involvement of staff collection of Department of Regardie in the Pskov region. When the riot police “used stun grenades and went on the assault, the teenagers had been found dead with gunshot wounds”.

According to the press, to fire on the guards involved, a teenage girl, who studied at one of the schools of Pskov. On the morning of 14 November, the schoolgirl left a farewell message on social media. “I loved you, but you have not noticed how destroyed my psyche and life. Goodbye everyone: friends, family, and acquaintances. Don’t worry, I will go beautifully,” she wrote.

The girl also bequeathed to the friends to enjoy life to the full. “Good luck to all in your life, and please don’t be afraid to live how you want or think is right. Life in the pleasure is the best life. I love you,” she added.

The girl stressed that acts according to his own will. “I’m not a hostage, it is my conscious choice,” she added.

According to the channel 360in Strugi Krasnie killed a ninth-grader Denis M. and his age Catherine V., who was a page in the social network “Vkontakte”. On one of them and posted a farewell message.

Weapons students took from the safe they cracked in a private house, in which they managed to penetrate. In the published video teen shoots a gun at police “loaf.”


In another posted video, the companion of the teenager happily talks about the damage that they caused a police car. “What, hon, don’t give up?” she asks a friend.

The girl leaned out of the window of the cottage to try to film the police. But they were not seen. “They were afraid of shots” – with a laugh said the schoolgirl.

Judging by the roller, the teenager continued in silence to conduct harassing fire from the window of the second floor of the house. On the street was not visible from the cordon. In addition to police “loaf” nothing betrayed the presence of the guardians of the law. In the absence of targets the students discussed whether they should shoot the dog that was running in the street.

I went into the frame and the box in which lay a few dozen rounds. In one of the clips shot teenager claims that he shot all the ammo.

In the initial reports of the incident said that the house sat three teenagers.

At the moment, with the parents of deceased students “investigators”. They also produce “a thorough examination of the scene and survey the surrounding area”.

Will be forensic and post-mortem psychological and psychiatric examination.

“It turns out the presence (or absence) in the blood of young people in alcoholic or narcotic substances. Necessarily be studied the living conditions of adolescents, as well as the causes and conditions that prompted them to such desperate step”, – concluded the Department of the RF IC.

Local authorities fear a “mass suicide attempts”

Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Pskov region Natalia Sokolova will hold on Tuesday an emergency meeting of the Commission on Affairs of minors and will discuss the deaths of two teenagers shot at the police car, with the Governor of the region Andrei Turchak.

“Tomorrow we have scheduled an emergency meeting of the Commission on minors’ Affairs, to understand what measures have been and are being taken in order to protect our minors from exposure to harmful information… I am to meet with the Governor, including on this issue,” she said.

Sokolov noted that previously sounded warnings about possible suicide, and the authorities were working to prevent them, reports TASS. “I’m a week and a half ago at a major meeting, which was attended by secretaries of commissions for cases of minors, conveyed the information that, according to public men, in the near future can occur a mass suicide attempt, which will be filmed on camera, to stay in social networks. The measures were undertaken, we will understand whether the summit talks”, she added.

In Pskov region the student attacked police, killed his girlfriend and committed suicide 14.11.2016

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