In the Pskov region made a cynical gang rape girl drugged by alcohol or drugs. The victim was brought to the apartment, where he was a teenage party, stripped and subjected to sophisticated sexual abuse, including the use of the office, according to “Pskov news line”.

Their actions of the young rapists filmed, and then posted photos and videos in social network “Vkontakte” on the Internet. At the moment in relation to adolescents already criminal case under item 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Violent acts of a sexual nature, committed by a group against a minor with prior agreement”).

To suspects threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. Four teenagers have already caused on interrogation. It also became known that the Governor of the Pskov area Andrey Turchak took under personal control the investigation of the criminal case. “There was a terrible crime against the person, which is unexplainable from the point of view of human morality. Abuse of the girl participants were videotaped and posted on social network, so punished the perpetrators must be publicly most, significantly, in the legal field”, – quotes its words a press-service of regional administration.

Investigatory management of investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation for the Pskov region brought a criminal case under article 132, part 3. At the moment all participants of incident are established, are the investigators testify. Also Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation on the Pskov region will provide moral-psychological rehabilitation of the victim and her family.

In connection with the incident, the head of Department of education of the Pskov region, Alexander Sedunov conducts official investigation in the system of education of the city of Pskov.

The crime was committed in Pskov in the night of 27 September in one of the apartments on the street Rokossovsky, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to a source LifeNews in law enforcement, the abuse of 15-year-old Veronica R. was attended by her 13-year-old girlfriend Alina and adolescents male N., Michael O. and M. Alexander (although the photos are bullying five boys).

In one of the photos, leaked, Alina with three buddies sitting on the couch, and on his knees lies Nude Veronica. The girl is clearly not himself and could not resist, Alina smiles widely at the camera. Restrained smiles visible on the faces of young men.

In the Internet appeared the video of eighth grader, who is studying in the same class as the most senior of the participants in the ill-fated party. Teen cynically comments on the actions of students, which, in his words, “put the victim in a circle, slapped in the mouth and raped her with a ballpoint pen”. And the abuse was attended by teenagers aged 12-13 years.

Removing the abuse on camera, the suspects immediately posted the video on the Internet. “This, ***, the whole town knows! To kill them on *** I want!” – with feigned enthusiasm says a classmate of the suspect.

Abuse after attackers dressed Veronica took her outside and sat on the bench. Then again they began to be photographed with her, grabbing the victim by the collar. The teenagers smiled and did the “positive” signs protruding thumb.

On the causes of poor health Veronica can only guess. According to the press release, the girl drank the strong alcohol. There is also a suggestion that she took drugs.

It is not excluded that the suspects specifically drugged the victim are intoxicated. One of her friends told the victim that “after the first glass of vodka Veronica said that this vodka is tasteless, and suggested to try a different, “special”.

According to a classmate of the suspect, Alina justified their involvement in the bullying that allegedly feared reprisals by the adolescents. Explanation girls taken from social networks, and publishes an edition of “the Notebook”.

However, a classmate of the suspect claims that, judging by other comments on the Internet, Alina almost dared the intruders, inviting them to strip girlfriend.

According to press reports, she was taken to the hospital. According to a source in a medical facility, she was diagnosed with damaged genitals due to the assault with foreign objects, presumably the handle.

Police checks on the rape statement received from the parents of Veronica.

Since the onset of public resonance with Alina contacted by Internet prankster pretending to be the mayor of the RF IC, according to “Pskov information Agency”. “I told everything in detail, without any gossip, and so on. I already have been punished. I was in the police. I was interrogated. I know that I had offended her, but not to the extent that I can write a person or write threats in private messages. I realize his guilt and repented,” wrote the girl.

We add that the level of cynicism accident in Pskov reminiscent of last year’s case of gang rape in Novosibirsk. There is a 16-year-old College freshman who got drunk and lost consciousness, was raped at a party with some friends.

Not only did they take turns in the sexual contact with the victim, and raped her with the use of everyday items – bottles of vodka and lighters. Bullying was recorded on a mobile phone camera.

In the end an unconscious minor girl was taken out of the apartment into the entrance, where one of the rapists urinated on her.

The next day the Nude photos of the helpless victim appeared on social networks. They posted themselves suspects. On some pictures in the foreground are visible the hands of men with raised fingers (a sign of positivity and fun).

Rape cases also was given the hashtag #salt, as indicated, that the girl allegedly took the synthetic drug (“salt”).

The suspects justified their actions by saying that the injured Anya allegedly cheated on her boyfriend, who was the initiator of the gang rape. The slutty version of “salt” junkie supported and those who were inclined to justify the actions of rapists.

Two months ago the participants of the abuse of minors read the verdict. They received from five to 10 years in prison.

Now this story was repeated in Pskov, and the victim Veronica also received the nickname of Salt.

In Pskov Teens raped drunk schoolgirl and posted the video on the Network 29.09.2015

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