In the Italian capital after the earthquake, which occurred on the evening of 26 October, taking advantage of the panic, escape from prison three prisoners.

As reported by La Repubblica, taking advantage of the turmoil because of the earthquake, three criminals cut down the bars on the window, made a rope of sheets and it came down to earth from the window of the prison.

One of them was sentenced for life for murder, another had to be freed in 2041 for attempted murder and drugs, the third sentenced to 2020 for pimping and drugs. Police announced the search for the fugitives.

The earthquake across the country about three thousand people were left homeless because of the destruction of buildings. Dozens
people were injured, but their life is not in danger.

In the towns of Matelica, Camerino and Cingoli (Marche region) evacuated the patients and staff of local hospitals. Power a number of cities in Central Italy, including Ascoli Piceno, l’aquila, Perugia, Teramo, Terni, announced the closure of schools in connection with the earthquake, notes TASS.

Many buildings in provincial towns almost completely destroyed, said the representative of the national service of Civil defense. Now the authorities decide where to resettle homeless people, because of their temporary accommodation in tent camps is impossible because of the approaching winter. In addition, several thousand people refuse to return to their homes survived because they fear the collapses, according to La Stampa.

The Italian government has extended the validity period of a state of emergency in the center of the country in connection with the ongoing aftershocks. Affected regions will be allocated 40 million euros for the liquidation of consequences of the disaster, according to ANSA.

Two tremors of magnitude 5.5 and 5.9 occurred on the evening of October 26 in the Central part of the Apennines, between Perugia and Macerata. According to experts, this was a continuation of seismic activity that began in late August.

According to the news Agency ANSA in Rome after the earthquake “swayed chandeliers” and “rattled” window. Later, the media reported that the earthquake was evacuated the staff of the Italian Ministry of foreign Affairs, located in the North of the capital.

On 25 August, in Italy, an earthquake of magnitude 6.0. It was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks. The disaster has led to significant damage in small towns. The earthquake claimed nearly 300 lives, more than 400 people were injured, about 2.5 thousand homeless.

In Rome, thanks to the earthquake three criminals escaped from prison 28.10.2016

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