Rosneft has said it is continuing in a number of media attacks on the structure of state-owned and regarded them as “targeted” campaign with political overtones. This statement was published on the website of Rosneft on Tuesday, September 27, after the online publication Meduza published an investigation the regional editor of the Centre for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) Novel Slanova about the business of relatives and friends of the head “Transneft” Nikolay Tokarev. In the article, in particular, refers to “aggravated the contradictions between the Tokarev and the people of Chairman of the Board of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin”.

In “Rosneft” materials called “another portion of compromising in relation to the management of the company “Transneft”, followed by speculation about the relationship between our two companies” and said that “speculation about interest of “Rosneft” in such publications is part of this provocative campaign”.

“We declare that we are partners on a number of important projects with Transneft and its guide normal working relationship, based on constructive cooperation in the interests of shareholders of both companies and the Russian oil industry”, – stated in the message of Department of information policy of Rosneft.

In the investigation of the Novel Shleynov published by Meduza, also said that state-owned companies deny the existence of any conflict, insisting that Sechin and Tokarev normal “working relationship”. However, according to OCCRP, contradictions appeared a few years ago, when Sechin, then held the post of Deputy Prime Minister, wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin with a proposal to sell “Rosneft” 25% Novorossiysk commercial sea port (NCSP). The same amount was claimed by Transneft and the Summa group Ziyavudin Magomedov. In the end, “Transneft” has supported the proposal of Rosneft, but the Russian government has expressed its intention to sell port stocks on the three exchanges, for fear of monopolization.

Two years later, the leaders of “Rosneft” and “Transneft” did not agree on the tariffs for pumping oil to China. Company Tokarev asked to raise prices, the company Sechin was strongly opposed – “Rosneft” it was not profitable because of the already concluded contract for the supply of 360 million tons of oil which did not include the price changes of oil depending on the rate of its pumping. For this reason Sechin also wrote a letter to Putin and the rates were temporarily frozen.

Writes Meduza, by 2016, there is a disagreement over the preferred shares of Transneft. On these securities is paid a fixed income, unlike common stock, the income, which varies depending on the company’s profit, but the rights to participate in the management of the company, holders of preferred shares are limited. The UCP Fund, whose President is Ilya Sherbovich (he is considered close to Sechin), for several years, has accumulated nearly 500,000 of such shares and was, as reported by Forbes, the owner of 6.8% of the capital “Transneft”. In March 2016 UCP through the court demanded that “Transneft” underpaid in 2013 dividends – the Fund representatives stated that preference customers paid much less than the ordinary shareholders.

Sources familiar with the situation, I believe that there was some agreement that “Transneft” was supposed to buy back its preference shares accumulated Fund Sherbovich. Transneft denies it.

Nikolay Tokarev, a longtime friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the 1980s they served together in the Dresden KGB residency, and after Putin became head of state, Tokarev, who in the nineties worked in the structures of Sberbank, and the office of the President, headed the state company “Zarubezhneft” in the exploitation of oil and gas fields in Russia and abroad. Then, in 2007, Tokarev became the head of “Transneft”, which is the world’s largest operator of pipelines, in pipe flows almost all produced in Russia crude oil.

Conflict with Igor Sechin, the sources in the environment Tokarev tied to the emergence of data about his relatives and property in the media.

In the Cypriot newspaper to find a statement daughter Tokarev naturalization

In an investigation published Meduza, it is said that the daughter Tokarev Maya Bolotova and her husband Andrei Bolotov in recent years have become successful entrepreneurs. In the past the Maya Bolotova was a co-owner of the pharmaceutical company, and together with her husband controlled the firm involved in the supply and Laundry of linen for the Russian trains. Today, the company Bolotov associated with a historical Villa in Croatia and an elite residential complex in Jurmala.

They were engaged in the offices in the business center Moscow-city, bought a historic house on Ostozhenka and planned to upgrade the seven-story monument of constructivism on Zubovskaya square, in which was placed a branch of an international hotel chain. One only Russian real estate associated with companies Tokarev daughter and her husband, experts have estimated approximately in 3,5 billion rubles.

Bolotov has submitted to the Cyprus Ministry of foreign Affairs the application for citizenship by naturalization, which was announced on 16 October 2014 the Cypriot newspaper “Simerini” (“Today”). Such a Declaration applying for a Cypriot passport through naturalization are required to publish under the laws of the country, and the applicant must stay in Cyprus for several years.

Contact address in Limassol, indicated in the announcement Bolotova, is a Cyprus office of the company Ronin Europe, a member of the group of “ronin” (Ronin Partners), which specializiruetsya on the trust management of major capital works with the money of the pension Fund “Transneft” and intersects with personal assets of his daughter and son Tokarev.

Employee Ronin Europe Anton Andronov, the only contact person listed on the website of the company, refused to explain how the attitude of Bolotov and why she pointed out the address of Ronin Europe in a statement: “It’s better to ask her. People have the right to specify any information in the statement.”

Obtaining a foreign passport of a close relative of the head of state-owned companies can potentially become a source of problems, given the General policy of nationalization of elites, noted in the investigation. One version of the resignation of the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin was associated with getting his son Andrew citizenship of Britain.

Son-in-law Tokareva called the source of “a potential conflict of interest”

Transneft is one of the main clients of the group “ronin”. “Ronin trust”, which General Director is Sergey Stukalov, organized bonds of “Transneft” and manages the money of its private pension Fund. In the report “ronin” Fund “Transneft” is the first line, and in the report of the Fund “ronin” is in first place among asset management companies. In addition, the market is called the largest state-owned almost the main source of significant resources for management. Sergey Stukalov and Andrey Bolotov, the son of the head of “Transneft” in the past have held high positions in VTB – the first was led by “VTB capital asset management, second Vice President and was responsible for work with large corporate clients.

“Ronin trust manages not only the pension money of Transneft, but also the property of related companies Bolotov. In trust management “ronin trust”, according to the data of Rosreestr, the house is located in Moscow, at Zubovsky area 3, building 1. The building was built for the telephone exchange of the Frunze district in the 1930s by architect Solomon.

In 2014 it is intended to reconstruct. The reconstruction project was prepared by the company Aurora Group, and her client, according to Aurora, was a group of “Regionproekt” (RPA). The relatives of the head of “Transneft” have a direct relation to it: according to SPARK, “the Management company” belongs to Andrei Bolotov and his wife three – fourths of “RPA estate” and half – “RPA hospitality management”. According to the Colliers International partner Stanislav Bibik, the value of the home (8000 square meters) on Zubovsky can be half to two billion rubles, and the work of its reconstruction, from 400 to 800 million.

Another project in which the client Aurora Group was the group RPA, business center Prohub. In RPA, Prohub overall the phone is in the same room, Sergei Romanov, General Director of JSC “Laboratory of nondestructive testing (NCLB) – expert organization that deals with issues of industrial safety. Among its partners and clients, as stated on its website, is “daughters” “Transneft” “Transneft-Ural”, “Transneft-Siberia” and “Transneft-Druzhba. A subsidiary of construction company laboratory of Permneftegazpererabotka” where the CEO works the same Novels, in 2015, entered the structures of “Transneft contract for 1.25 billion rubles.

The laboratory is 70% owned by Cyprus company (Milemeadow Trading), which is owned by Ronin Europe, it is the Maya Bolotova address indicated in the application for Cypriot citizenship.

In the group of “ronin” have not answered the question, in the interests of any client the company owns contractors “Transneft”. In the Russian legislation the top managers of state companies is not equal to the officials, however, as noted by Deputy Director of “transparency international Russia” Ilya Shumanov, “if the management company simultaneously provides services to state-owned companies and relatives of its leader, it can be considered as an ethical conflict or potential conflict of interest.”

Related to Bolotov, the company owns land in the Croatian resort

The nominal owners of a quarter of non-destructive testing Laboratory” are the Cyprus Dadlaw Nominees and Secretarial Dadlaw. They are the owners of Cyprus Waterbird Investments, the head of the Russian branch, which in 2013 was listed as Andrei Bolotov. Branch of the company located in the same office in Moscow-city, Prohub and RPA.

Another Director Waterbird was Ajina Ali Odei, first Vice-President of “Vneshprombank”, which kept the money “Transneft”, “Rosneft”, as well as relatives of major statesmen, including son-in-law of the President “Transneft” Andrei Bolotov.

Related to Bolotov, the company owns a plot of land with a historical Villa resort on the Croatian island of lošinj in the Adriatic sea. According to the Croatian registries, Andrei Bolotov included in the management of the company Catina, representing the interests of its Cypriot owner Xerate Investments. That is Catina and owns a plot of land measuring seven thousand square meters on the island of lošinj, which is a Villa built in the XIX century for the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I.

“[Bolotov] there is a person who comes here and conducts business here, he says in Russian”, – explained the employee of the Catina. The phone number of the company matches the number of “Helios hotel”, located on the same island on land that belongs to the Jadranka, one of the largest Croatian travel agencies. The Supervisory Board is headed by Jadranka Krešimir filipović. People with the same name is the first Vice President of the construction company “Velesstroy”, one of the largest building contractors “Transneft”.

In Jadranka, “Velesstroy” and RPA have not responded to a request to explain, whether relatives of the head of “Transneft”, its contractor and the Croatian travel Agency.

The investigation also provides information about Michael Arustamova – former Vice-President “Transneft” and old acquaintance Nikolay Tokarev.

In “Rosneft” reports of aggravated contradictions with “Transneft” considered as part of a “provocative campaign” 28.09.2016

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