In Rostov has passed the “monstrare” in defense of the ruble: the action with a touch of the absurd has been agreed with the city authorities and took place without incident. The participants raised the slogans: “the Ruble. Thank God I’m alive”, “need to find the customer and the executor of murder of the ruble”, “Je suis ruble”, “Ruble fell, he just slipped on fat”, reports “Radio Freedom”.

The picket passed without incident, under the supervision of law enforcement officers who did not intervene, but rewrote the personal data of organizers, according to the radio station.

“We wanted to do this comic action, because without humor it is impossible to observe in what state authorities have brought the economy – explained the meaning of the event one of the applicants – civil activist and coordinator of the project “Rogoznik” Yana Goncharov. – We wanted the city residents looked at the posters and, feeling the irony, he wondered, because of any action of the government, the ruble is in such a deplorable situation. Remember about the Crimea, Donbass and the worsening of relations with all neighbours and partners, and all that ended sanctions and economic collapse”.

Photos from the campaign are posted in the community of Rostov-on-don in social network “Vkontakte”.

This is the second “monstrare” that is conducted by activists of Rostov. Similar nature of creative action took place in late November 2015 and ridiculed the attempts of the Russian television and politicians to shift the blame for internal problems in the country on the United States and Europe.

The ruble began to decline on the background of sanctions, declared the U.S. and EU after the accession of Crimea to Russia and a sharp fall in oil prices. In early 2016, the ruble fell to historic lows against the dollar and the Euro. The official rate of the Central Bank, established on Friday: 75,15 rubles per dollar and 81,90 ruble per Euro.

In Rostov-on-don conducted a “Monstration” in defense of the ruble: “Thank God I’m alive” 01.02.2016

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