In Saint-Petersburg law enforcement officials are investigating a series of stealings of cars of a premium class. According to preliminary data, in many cases, talking about “samougon”, where the fraudsters imitate the kidnapping of a luxury SUV, get him to Syria or Iraq and then try to obtain insurance payments.

As it became known “Fontanka”, in materials of one of the criminal cases stipulates that at the end of February, the native of Azerbaijan adalat of Ganbarov reported to the police Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg about the theft of the black Lexus LX570. While installed in the car alarm satellite confirmed the fact of theft.

The car was purchased for 6.7 million shortly before the theft and are equipped with satellite protection, which consists of two devices: systems security monitoring (COM) that connect to the battery and transmitting information about the movement and manipulation of the doors and the ignition, and a search unit that mounts quickly, and even the owner of the car knows about its location.

According to the materials of the case, CATFISH for a long time signaled that jeep Lexus LX570 moved within St. Petersburg. However, when experts later activated the search block, was installed the true route of movement of cars after the theft.

According to the data search unit, on December 27 last year, Lexus has brought to the service center on 9 January, where SOM has been disconnected from the onboard network and connected to an external battery to simulate work, and the car left St. Petersburg. January 12 car drove to Tbilisi, crossed the border with Turkey and through Iran, arrived in the Iraqi city of Erbil, located in the territory of the Kurds, who are fighting with the militants of the “Islamic state”*.

Law enforcement bodies of St.-Petersburg also became aware of the identical episode of “samougon”. In early July unknown LTD acquired the lease car Toyota Land Cruiser 200. A couple of weeks later a company spokesman said about the theft.

Soon removed SOM was discovered on one of the city stations, and the car itself, based on data from the activated search bloc, was also sent to participants of military operations in Iraq. Another Toyota Land Cruiser 200 scammers have taken to the Syrian province of Idlib transited through Odessa and Turkey, the newspaper notes.

As it became known, according to this criminal scheme is hijacked not only the SUVs. For example, the stolen Toyota Camry satellite are found in Tajikistan. In addition, law enforcement officers of St. Petersburg are still looking for the missing in April of this year, the BMW X5. It CATFISH found hanging on a tree 40-go home on the Pulkovo highway. St. Petersburg investigators have data at least 15 cases of “samougon” premium cars.

In June of this year, RIA “Novosti” published an interview with a professional car thief, who on condition of anonymity agreed to tell about the aspects of this criminal business. According to him, expensive models of cars are often trafficked abroad.

“But today the most important direction for the hijackers – Syria. A lot of cars, especially big American SUVs out there. The demand is so high that often the practice pseudogene”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

“Someone associated with this business buys, say, a new Lexus or Cadillac in the showroom, slowly finds all of the anti-theft “bugs” and puts them in the trunk and travels with them for a while. The security company does not suspect anything, and then this SUV is loaded into a container and sent to Syria… “Owner” of the car says about the hijacking, receives an insurance payment for hull, and then the fat with customers. Of course, finding a car no one can,” he described the scheme of stealing the source of journalists.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

In Russia began to flourish “samougon” expensive SUVs to equip militants in Syria and Iraq 12.09.2017

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