The share of Russians who make donations to non-profit organizations has doubled. If in 2014 the figure was 9%, in 2015 it rose to 18%.

Such information is contained in the global ranking of the World Giving Index philanthropy 2016, which amounted to the Charities Aid Foundation, established in the UK in 1924.

In the study, seen by the Agency “Interfax”, it is noted that a 9% increase in the number of Russians who make donations of money, in numerical terms represents an increase of almost 11 million citizens.

However, the authors of the study believe that the increase in donations in Russia, perhaps linked to the fact that the survey in 2015 was held at the end of the month of Ramadan is a traditional time donations for Russian Muslims.

In addition, despite the fact that the number of donating to nonprofits has doubled in size in global rankings, Russia has risen only three positions and is now 126. “This is because performance in other countries also grew,” write the authors of the rating.

World rating of charity World Giving Index compiled by 2016 according to a survey by the American company Gallup, which was conducted during 2015 in 140 countries.

The leader of the rating became Myanmar, the second place went to the United States, the third, Australia fourth and fifth, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. The following five places in the ranking are Canada, Indonesia, UK, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. At last, the 140-th place in the ranking is China.

In Russia in two times increased the number of citizens donating money to charity 25.10.2016

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