State Duma budget Committee recommended raising the excise tax on champagne. An appropriate amendment was brought by the Deputy from the party “United Russia” Yevgeny Fyodorov, writes RIA “Novosti”.
It is suggested to install 2017-2019 rate of excise duty on sparkling wines (champagnes) in the amount of 36 rubles per liter, and protected – 19 rubles.

Rate of excise duty on champagne and sparkling wines currently established in the amount of 26 rubles per liter, and with a protected geographical indication, protected designation of origin – 13 rubles. The tax code provides that from 2017, these rates will increase by 1 ruble.

Against the amendment at a meeting of the budget Committee was made by several members, including colleagues of Fedorov in the faction. In particular, Raisa Karmazin explained their protest that in the New year people will be expensive to buy champagne.

Thus, according to RBC, a supporter of the proposal was the head of the budget Committee Andrey Makarov, who said that the amendment will help to support local vineyards.

According to him, the point is to protect the Crimea and other local growers – wine producers with geographically protected names from “wine, which are driven away from Turkey,” in the same tankers that to carry fuel oil.

The Committee also noted that the amendment will force the regional authorities to intensify work on the protection of the wines produced in their territories. You will need to do before the end of the year – only in this case the rate of excise duty for local producers of sparkling wines will amount to 19 rubles, and otherwise – 36 rubles.

Thus, according to the first Deputy Minister of Finance Ilia Trunina, the government did not expect to raise the excise duty on champagne and sparkling wine in 2017. It was only about increasing the rates on the “quiet” wines with 10 to 19 rubles.

However, to argue against the amendment Fedorov, the Deputy Minister did not become. In his opinion, with the increase in the price of champagne in recent years, Fedorov proposed increase will not have a major impact on the market, but will contribute to the replenishment of regional budgets.

In Russia may become more expensive sparkling wines 18.11.2016

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