In Russia in absentia charged with the two commanders of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU), which the office for investigation of crimes involving the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, considers involved in artillery shelling of civilian infrastructure and population in the South-East of Ukraine, reported on the website of the Investigative Committee (IC RF).

The investigation established the involvement of the commander of the 10th independent mountain assault brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine Colonel Basil Supanich and soldiers of this brigade to the shelling of the settlements of Krasnogorovka and Staromykhailivka, Donetsk region (on the territory of the breakaway Donetsk people’s Republic), injuring two civilians not involved in armed conflict. The firing was conducted on 15 June 2016 from heavy weapons with high amazing properties.

It was also established the involvement of the commander of the 1st battalion of the 14th mechanized brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine Colonel Mikhail Prokopov and military units to the organization 24 and 28 March 2016 shelling of the Petrovsky and Kievsky districts of Donetsk, resulting in civilian was wounded and destroyed several houses, is spoken in the message of Department.

The evidence allowed in absentia to indict Sebenico and Prokopeva the statement of the use in armed conflict of means and methods prohibited by an international Treaty of the Russian Federation, that is, in committing crimes under part 3 of article 33, part 1 of article 356 of the criminal code, the statement of SK.

An application instituting proceedings against Supanich was made on October 24. In addition to his suspects became the commander of the 57-th separate motorized brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine Colonel Sergey Sirchenko, the commander of the 17th motorized battalion of this brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Scherbinin, the commander of the 55th artillery brigade, Colonel Sergei Beams, commander of the 30th mechanized brigade of Colonel Ivan Garaz and the commander of the artillery battalion of the 30th mechanized brigade, major Sergey martsenyuk. Soldiers of the 57th motorized brigade of the suspect in the shelling of the village of zaytsevo in Donetsk region.

On 1 November it was reported that SK filed criminal charges against four commanders of the Ukrainian army. In addition Prokopov, defendants were named as the commander of 72-th separate mechanized brigade, Colonel Andrei Sokolov, the commander of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of Colonel Vladislav Klochkov and commander of the 30th separate mechanized brigade Colonel Vitaliy Yakubov. They suspected that in mid-March 2016 of their unit fired at settlements Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya and Staromykhailivka, Donetsk region, and Kiev district of Donetsk.

The accused, Subasic returned with the battalion in Ivano-Frankivsk

Ukrainian TV channel TSN reported yesterday that the soldiers of the 10th independent mountain assault brigade temporarily returned to Ivano-Frankivsk region, to put in order the equipment, then in three weeks they will return to the front.

Basil Subunits thanked the soldiers of the 8th separate mountain-assault battalion, who fought in the hot spots in the area of Marinka and Krasnogorovka. “I want to thank you for the successful execution of combat missions! Battalion really showed herself fighting unit, has acquired a powerful combat experience showed that they are real Cossacks!” – said the commander of the 10th independent mountain assault brigade.

Mountain assault brigade was created a year ago. In addition to the 8th battalion, initially it included even the soldiers of the battalions “Aidar” and “Donbass”. However, after that the home team will be updated. “Now the top leadership decided to change the format of the brigade as the permanent base is in the West, and most of the guys in the “Aydar” and “Donbass” from the East. Our guys want to go home, so they want to return home,” said Zupanic.

In early September, the UK opened a criminal case against the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, chief-of-staff Viktor Muzhenko and other former and active military officials for the shelling of Donbass. In August 2016, the TFR was initiated another criminal case against the Muzhenko and Poltorak on charges of use of prohibited means and methods of warfare.

This was preceded by the initiation by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on August 22 criminal cases against Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and 17 Russian officials and security forces suspected of committing crimes against the fundamentals of national security of Ukraine.

In Russia two Ukrainian commanders in absentia brought accusations of shelling civilians in the Donbass 08.11.2016

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