In Samara, a blind student at the law faculty of Samara state University Valery Remizov interrupted the speech of the Governor Nikolay Merkushkin at a public forum “no to Extremism!”. In the midst of the speech of the head of the region the young man got up from his seat and began to sing under a guitar ditties of his own composition about the bad condition of city roads.

As he told the student he came to the forum to say to the local authorities about his disagreement with the policy of the authorities of the region. Remizov explained that several months ago tried to get on reception to the Governor, to talk about urban problems, but he refused.

“I do not agree with the travel restriction on the social map, outraged by the condition of the sidewalks and roads where a lot of holes. I am tired of falling into a cold puddle in the pit and to catch a cold. So I came and sang about it. Composed ditties for the night” – writes the portal “Such things”.

The young man explained that after he interrupted the speech Merkushkin, he was approached by law enforcement officers and forced to leave the room. Then the guards checked the documents of the student and escorted him to the door of the sports complex “MTL arena.” “I was approached by Minister of social policy, we talked, exchanged contacts,” – said Remizov.

The portal “Zasekin” brings the text of the ditty, which in the tenth minute of the speech of the Governor Remizov sang under a guitar. “Kolya, Kolya, what’s beginning. Why are you, nick, right, I bezlimitku limited. Kolya, Kolya, what’s beginning”, – sang a student.

According to the portal “Volga news”, “Extremism – no!” was held with the participation of representatives of local Executive authorities and the legislature. Among the spectators were students, pupils, teachers of schools and universities. One of them was a live broadcast of the forum on the social network Periscope.

The 19-minute video shows how one of the spectators stood up, playing the guitar, began to sing ditties. Approached the woman and began to select a guitar, half a minute later it was joined by the police. The audience began to applaud. Governor Merkushkin, in turn, from the scene suggested the young man to come to the microphone and explain the essence of the claims, but police still took the student out of the room.

From 1 February, the authorities in Samara region have limited the number of trips by public transport on the social map to 50 per month. On 18 February, in Samara, a rally was held, participants of which demanded the restoration of social benefits and called for the resignation of Governor Merkushkin. The action was attended by about thousand people.

According to media reports, the organizers of all the protests, the Communist party is. Meanwhile, the Merkushkin has repeatedly stated about the organization of protests in the region, “state Department agents”. In particular, those he called employees of the company “Avtovazagregat”, complained about months of unpaid wages. At a meeting with employees in August 2016 Merkushin said that their dissatisfaction with the “warmed up” the American Ambassador, and threatened to “never” not pay the earned money.

Earlier media wrote about the fact that the Samara authorities decided in voluntary-a compulsory order to connect young people to participate in the forum. For the sake of students removed from the classroom. This was reported to journalists by the coordinator of the electoral headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny Ekaterina Gerasimova and confirmed by sources at several universities and the regional government.

March 26, 2017 in Samara, as in many other Russian cities held a rally against corruption initiated by representatives of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexey Navalny.

After mass protests, the adviser of the Governor of Samara, a sociologist Nicholas Yavkin, said that “in Samara was working technologists who made Maidan in Kiev,” reports the provincial portal “Samarai”. “The cynicism of the puppeteers of meetings increases. For the first time in the history of the country in Samara children and students were involved in anti-state and extremist actions”, – said the Advisor to the Governor.

Before it became known that the Samara courts fined two detainees for participation in the rally against corruption on 10 and 15 thousand rubles. All were detained 20 people. “Almost all have two protocols (on bringing to responsibility under article 20.2 of the administrative code – participation in an unapproved protest, and of article 19.3 of the administrative code – disobedience to the lawful demands of the police). The minimum penalty for offences – 500 rubles, maximum – 15 days of arrest,” – said the coordinator of the Samara headquarters Bulk Ekaterina Gerasimova.

In Samara, a blind student at the forum, “Extremism – no!” interrupted the speech of the Governor ditties about potholes 31.03.2017

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