The question of the Governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin in the Samara school # 24 was included in the list of issues Russian test works on the subject of “Surrounding world” for the fourth grade, said in his blog in “Live Journal” the Deputy of the Samara provincial Duma from fraction of the Communist party Mikhail Matveev.

The question, according to the MP, was: “Who is N. I. Merkushkin?” For not knowing the answer to the students by the final score, although the study of the Samara Governor is not supposed the school curriculum subject “the Surrounding world”.

As told the Deputy one of the parents, the lessons the children were told “about the ravines” and the answer to the question of Merkushkin child did not know. “What now will we have a mark for the world, it is unclear in Russian and mathematics five, and there is such a stupidity! Many children did not answer. It’s not a science, and the world and it’s children!” – the father of the child.

On the other parent, they applied to the school Director. At the school responded to claims that the child is in fourth grade have to know the name of the Governor of their region.

Matveev has promised to send a parliamentary inquiry to the Ministry of education of the region. “Cult of personality, or of the Governor Merkushkin equated to physical phenomena and natural disasters?” – the Deputy was indignant.

Mikhail Matveyev was the organizer of the social March in support of the pensioners in Samara on 23 April, the participants of which marched through the town chanting slogans for the resignation of the Governor Nikolay Merkushkin: “Suitcase, train station, Mordovia”
“Merkushkin resign” and “Merkushkin tired”. The column had posters of “well-Fed Russia is a hundred hungry pensioners”, “Putin, protect us from extremism merkoushkin!”. After the action Matveyev was detained and fined on 30 thousand roubles.

Nikolai Merkushkin was appointed Governor of the Samara region in 2012
year. In 2014, ahead of schedule resigned to be elected for a second
time. Earlier in April, media reported
about the possible resignation of the Samara Governor, however
later the source of “Kommersant” in the office of the President internal
policy denied
this information, stating that the first Deputy head of the presidential administration
Sergey Kirienko is not interested in changing the head of the region ahead

In February, in Samara, a rally was held against the social policy
Governor. Organized the campaign of the Communist party called for the return of payment
beneficiaries, and to send the head of the region resigned. In December 2016
rating of survival rate of governors, jointly compiled by the Foundation
“The Petersburg policy” and holding “Minchenko Consulting” where
Merkushin got two.

Merkushin, becoming the head of the region, consistently provided acceptable
The results of the Kremlin “United Russia” in the elections. After mass protests
against corruption across the country Merkushin organized
in Samara public forum “Extremism – no!” dedicated to the fight against
“extremism and political radicalism” and “anti
destructive forces,” which have driven the local students, and in
Samara schools were
the lessons of political information from watching the same movie.

In Samara, on the control of the world around them students were tested on knowledge of the biography of the Governor 28.04.2017

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