In Samara Yak-52 with two pilots on Board on Monday, November 7, made an emergency landing on the river tatyanka and went under water. As reported
“Interfax” in press-service GU of EMERCOM of Russia in the region, the incident occurred when owned by DOSAAF, the aircraft was returned with the Parade of memory, which is traditionally held in the city on 7 November.

The message about the emergency landing of Yak-52 in the rowing canal on the river
Tat came to the duty part of the Ministry at 13:08 local time (12:08 Moscow time). Employees of the State inspection on small size vessels (GIMS), providing safety on the water with the Parade of memory, rescued the two pilots, reported the Agency.

As told “Interfax” the employee of the press service of the emergencies Ministry, employees GIMS was standing on duty nearby. They first arrived on the scene, pulled the pilots brought to their base, and dressed them in warm clothes.

According to the preliminary version, the cause of the accident was the icing of the screw
aircraft. Currently, GIMS inspectors surround the place of falling of the buoy to lift the plane out of the water.

As told by the pilots themselves, during the flight, they saw what happened to de-ice the carb causing the rpm began to fall, writes portal

The pilots decided to fly to the alternate aerodrome Ridge, however, they had to sit on the river. While the plane was afloat, the pilots out of the cockpit and ten meters swam in the river. According to the publication, soon after landing, the plane was completely submerged in the river. Depth in the place of flooding of the air vehicle is 2.5 metres.

The head of the Samara regional aeroclub DOSAAF Gennady Chirkovskiy in an interview with the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” explained that the places for landing the plane when it started to fail engine was not around.

“The pilots decided to get to the Ridge, where there is an airfield. But soon the boys realized that the plane did not make it to the airport and it should be urgently put. An experienced pilot acted correctly, acted bravely, resolving not to leave the car. He made the decision to splash down on the riverbed, because otherwise the Yak-52 could fall on houses,” said Chirkovskiy.

“According to the pilots, they only had one option for a forced landing – the terms of roads, power lines. The water area of the rowing channel in the backwater Dry Samarka was the only open area where they eventually were able to splash down,” in turn, told the TRC “Terra” Sergey Sorokin, the senior inspector of group of patrol service N2 GIMS EMERCOM of Russia in Samara region.

Volga SU transport TFR reportedthat investigators went to the scene of the accident with the Yak-52. In fact organized the audit, which will examine the technical condition of the aircraft, including fuel quality, as well as estimated actions of the pilot, the report said.

The parade of memory in Samara held in 2011 in honor of military
a parade held in the city on 7 November 1941. That day military
parades were also held in Moscow and Voronezh, but the parade in Kuibyshev (formerly Samara) became the most ambitious of them – involving more than 22 thousand soldiers, flew over the city more than 600 aircraft. After the parade the troops went to the front near Moscow. This year, according to RIA “Novosti”, in the Parade of remembrance was attended by more than 30 thousand people.

In Samara Yak-52, which participated in the Parade of memory, emergency landing on the river and sank 07.11.2016

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