Saratov regional court has sentenced the employee of a Philharmonic Anton Pushkin, who together with his wife they tortured her young son. In addition, Pushkin stepson were subjected to sexual violence. In the end, the boy committed suicide by jumping from a great height on the orders of the parents.

The decision of the court Anton Pushkin will spend behind bars for 24 years. To serve a sentence it will be in the correctional colony of strict regime, reports “the Fourth power”. In addition, Pushkin in the period of detention will be under treatment of a psychiatrist.

The victim’s mother Elena Pushkin will spend 18 years in a General regime colony.

Also the court as additional penalty of restricted freedom Anton Pushkin for a period of two years, and his wife – for a period of one year.

The investigation began after August 23, 2015 seven year old son Pushkina jumped from the balcony of the 10th floor of an apartment building on the street Big Mountain in Saratov. Later it was found that Helen from 1 September 2014, subjected the child to torture, torture and mockery. The mother and her husband were beaten, insulted, humiliated boy, and also “expressed orders in the form of an ultimatum, that he jumped from the balcony of the apartment of the 10th floor in which they lived”.

Employee of the regional Philharmonic Anton Pushkin was also convicted of six episodes of pedophilia.

“Because of their young age, level of mental (including intellectual) development of the child could not independently make the decision about deprivation of life and once in a serious traumatic situation, interpreted the words of the parents as a guide to action”, – reported previously by the investigators. From injuries received in a fall from a great height, the boy died on the spot.

Elena withdrew her second child, who at that time was five months (the infant’s father is Anton Pushkin). The decision of the court both defendants were deprived of parental rights, and the child was placed into the custody of the administration of the Kirov district of Saratov, wrote “the Sight-info”.

Elena Pushkina was charged with p. “b, d, f, K” of part 2 of article 105 (“Murder of the juvenile person, obviously for guilty being in a helpless state, committed with special cruelty by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, interfaced to rape”) of the criminal code. A worker of the arts of Anton Pushkin admitted guilty under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 132 (“Violent actions of sexual nature committed against a person under 14 years of age, with use of its helpless condition”) of the criminal code.

Judge Victor Horns for the murder of Anton appointed punishment in the form of 19 years of imprisonment, and for each episode of rape – even at 17 years of imprisonment. Thus, Pushkin defined a sentence in 121 years of imprisonment. However, due to the current Russian practice partial addition of terms Pushkin will be imprisoned for not more than 24 years.

During the reading of the verdict the judge did not disclose any particulars of the case, as they relate to the intimate details of the life of several persons. However, he read out the personal data of the defendants. According to published information, Anton Pushkin is a native of Ryazan, and a member of the group “Bass” Philharmonic society named Alfred Schnittke. In the courtroom were present colleagues at the Pushkin cultural institution, according to FreeNews-Volga.

On the page of the musician-bassist Anton Pushkin in the social network Facebook indicated that he graduated from the school of N40 in Ryazan in 2006.

At the stage of preliminary investigation bodies in system of prevention of the Saratov region were aimed representation “about elimination of the reasons and the conditions promoting Commission of crime”.

In Saratov sentenced the musician of the Philharmonic who raped 7-year-old stepson and drove him to suicide 28.11.2016

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