In Saratov the member of the precinct election Commission from the Communist party with the right to vote Maxim Samoletova who tried to stop the violations during the counting of votes, the Chairman of the PEC threatened to accuse her rape and her husband’s physical violence. About this and other horrors that happened to him at the polling station at school N58 N90, Aircraft told news Agency “Free news”.

When the polling station began to sum up the voting results on the election of the Governor and deputies of regional Parliament, the Planes found in the General pile of ballots of five piles, about 15 papers each, rolled one to one. He drew this to the attention of the Commission, observers and police.

In these closed stacks, young man, all votes were for the candidate for Governor Valery Radaev, as it turned out, winning the elections with the big separation from competitors, the list of “United Russia” on elections in regional Duma and the candidate from the same party in single-mandate constituency.

In Saratov the Director of the school with the same last name as Governor, became involved in two scandals in the elections (VIDEO)

After comments Samoletova no one took any measures, and the Chairman of the PEC, the headmaster N90 Marina Koltsova, said that “it is likely to vote family.”

Continuing his surveillance of Aircraft noticed during the counting of votes, the Secretary has shifted the ballots for other candidates in the stack Radaeva. The young man drew the attention of other members of the Commission and asked to check, and he was allowed to do it. But after he cursory view pulled from the stack of five ballots for other candidates, the Chairman slapped his hand, snatched the glass from his hand for Radaev, threw it in a black bag, and I wrapped it all with tape.

After summarizing the results of voting of Aircraft wrote on the paper that offers an opinion. At the same time it jumped to the observer from the liberal democratic party, appeared husband the Chairman of the Commission Koltsovo – Alexey Koltsov – and began to insult the young man and threaten him with physical violence. In spite of that, the Aircraft has added a dissenting opinion and presented it to the President.

“All this time I was threatened, told that I will burn down an apartment, a car, told that I am subhuman,” – said Aircraft. He asked the police officer if he would take anything for this reason. He, according to a member of PEC has asked the task force to the scene, but then went into the hallway, talked with Koltsov, returned and began to pack.

The policeman has failed to call the task force

When the Aircraft asked the law enforcement where the task force, he replied that he could not get through to the duty. This member wick asked him to identify Koltsov, thus he got his name.

Then Koltsov proposed Samoletova to solve the issue peacefully, but he refused and said that he would write a statement to the police. Then Koltsov said that he will write a counter statement that the Aircraft threatened him. “The Chairman of the Commission, leaning out of the car, said that he would write me a statement that I allegedly tried to rape her in her personal account,” – said the young man.

Witnesses to the incident was the police, two other Commission member from the Communist party and “Fair Russia”, the watchman of the school and the driver of the Chairman of the PEC. After threats, the Chairman of the PEC, together with her husband sat in the car and went to pass the protocols, accompanied by a police officer.

The next day Aircraft written statement to the police about the threats of the Chairman of the Commission to write a false accusation of rape and threats to her husband about property damage. According to him, it was not possible to continuously record what is happening on the recorder because of the exerted on him psychological pressure.

“Terrible people”

Towards evening the young man called a member of the PEC from the “just Russia”, who was a witness to the incident. A recording of the conversation also leads the Agency “Svobodnye Novosti” and in the interview an elderly woman said Samoletova that made him the threat is quite real and it is better to stop fighting for justice and to begin to “live as all”.

“The person with whom I spoke today, he says, “Lube, terrible people”. How much, he says, beaten and even killed. I do not scare you, you have your own position, but this position may be for your family to go sideways,” warned Samoletova retired.

Note, Saratov oblast, according to the organization “Voice”, included in “honor” of the three leaders for violations of the elections among Russian regions. In two incidents, the Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case – fight of the Commission members, and ballot stuffing. The head of Saratov Valery Sheds after the election resigned. It is reported that he did it because of numerous violations during the voting, although there are different version.

In Saratov the member of the PEC who tried to stop the violations in the elections, threatened with a charge of rape 13.09.2017

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