The head of the Scottish national party Nicola Sturgeon announced the holding of a second referendum on Scottish independence. The bill will be published next week, reports The Guardian.

“I am convinced that Scotland should reconsider the issue of independence before Britain leaves the EU. This is necessary to protect the interests of the country,” said Sturgeon.

As noted by the BBCin Scotland does not agree with the results of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU in the course of which a large part of the population voted for the “Brakcet”. The majority of Scots supported the preservation of Britain’s membership in the Union because it is advantageous for economic reasons.

In September 2014 Scotland has a referendum on independence from the UK. Supporters of independence lost, because 55.3% of Scots voted against secession of Scotland from the UK.

Britain will leave the EU a single country, promises Prime Minister

Britain will leave the EU as a single power. Recently stated by Prime Minister of the Kingdom Theresa may, speaking at the Congress of the Conservative party in Birmingham.

“The UK voted in a referendum as a single country out of the EU as a single country,” she stated.

The Prime Minister also stressed that the government will negotiate with the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the theme of “Breccia” and will not allow the nationalists to destroy the “precious Alliance” between parts of the United Kingdom.

At the end of June in the UK held a referendum on EU membership. During the voting 51,9% of the participants voted for secession of the United Kingdom (“Pexit”) from the EU and 48.9% against. Among the latter were 95% of the people of Gibraltar and 62 per cent of Scotland.

In Scotland announced the holding of a second referendum on independence 13.10.2016

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