In Seoul the fifth week, continues an unprecedented scale of mass protests demanding the resignation involved in a corruption scandal South Korean President Park Geun-Hye. As reports Reuters, the organizers hope to take to the streets of the capital to half a million people – comparable rallies took place in Korea only once, when in 1987 the inhabitants of the country demanded the abolition of dictatorship and the introduction of democratic procedures.

According to the organizers of the current demonstrations in the second half of the day on Saturday in downtown Seoul has tightened around 800 thousand protesters. Official data from the interior Ministry not. There only said that the safety demonstration is provided by about 25 thousand police officers.

Protesters in central Seoul blew out candles, turned off lights at 8pm local time then began to march chanting “Park Geun-the, resign!”

In Seoul gathered a million-strong demonstration demanding the resignation of the President 26.11.2016

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