The Federation Council Committee on budget and financial markets of Russia has prepared amendments to the Tax code designed to legalize self-employed people and bring them “out of the shadows” through the introduction of the patent system, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council Sergei riabukhin said that the legislative amendments primarily relate to those categories of self-employed, who have received so-called tax holidays for two years in case of voluntary registration in the tax office. It is about the Tutors, nannies, nurses and housekeepers, says the publication.

After two years, they should determine its future status – to become individual entrepreneurs or to formalize their relationship with employers in accordance with the Labour code.

According to ryabukhina, the value of a patent, which will determine the regional authorities, are already pledged contributions to the Pension Fund and the mandatory medical insurance Fund, which shall not exceed 5% of the minimum wage per month. While 3% will be credited to the account of the FIU, and 2 will go to Fund the MLA.

The amendments require that citizens will be able to get a patent either for a year or a few months, and at any time of the year, not just at the beginning of the tax period.

In the currently existing patent system for the self-employed are woefully underdeveloped, and most people are not even aware of its existence, told to the edition, the Professor of the Department of labour and social policy, Ranepa Love Khrapylina.

Patents can be purchased by representatives of the 47 professions (including hairdressers, seamstresses, drivers, photographers, journalists, masters on repair and maintenance of household appliances, etc.), but the document gives the right to work only in the region where the person is officially registered.
The bill has already been sent for examination to the government.

According to the labor Ministry, in Russia there are approximately 12 million self-employed people. Rosstat earlier reported 25 million, and some experts estimate the number of people receiving an income and does not participate in the system of state guarantees, to 40 million.

In SF offer to legalize self-employed with patents 16.05.2017

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