In Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport aircraft Airbus A320 flying from Nizhnevartovsk, had at landing to go-around due to the fact that the runway found a dead Fox, according to Life.

In a press-service of the airport, the Agency “Moscow” confirmed the maneuver and the discovery of the corpse of the animal. TV channel REN TV said that the incident occurred on the morning of Saturday, October 22, around 6:50 Moscow time. Fox found during the inspection of the runway. In the end, the boarding of the vessel took place 15 minutes later.

From Nizhnevartovsk fly Airbus A320 Aeroflot. Typically, the approach to the second round is due to weather conditions or due to overcrowding in the airport, but sometimes the cause be animals, sneak into a guarded runway. So, in June 2014, a passenger plane of the Turkish Antalya, coming in for a landing in Rostov airport, forced was to go to the second round because of the dogs that appeared on the runway.

Managers do not always have time to react to the appearance of the animal. In June 2010, the airline “Aeroflot” taking off from “Sheremetyevo” on the run from Ufa airport after landing collided with a deer. Passengers were not injured, the hydraulic hoses have received minor damage, and the deer caught under the chassis died. In August 2013 in Indonesia, the aircraft was rolled out beyond the runway, faced with one of three cows walking down the center of the runway.

In “Sheremetyevo” flight from Nizhnevartovsk postponed the landing because of the dead Fox 24.10.2016

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