In Singapore on Sentosa island which closed in the Underwater World, 62-year-old diver Philippe Chan, who prepared sea animals for transport to another aquarium, on Tuesday, October 4, was bitten in the chest by a Stingray and died in hospital, reports Channel NewsAsia , citing a statement by Haw Par Corporation, which owns the aquarium.

As they say the statement, Chan, who led the team of divers of the Park, “was wounded by a Stingray in the chest” and “died of injuries a few hours in Singapore General Hospital”.

The ambulance arrived around 14:20 local time, the diver who was unconscious, was carried out warmly-pulmonary reanimation, then, without stopping CPR, he was taken to the hospital.

UWS aquarium was the largest aquarium with tropical fish in Asia and had a 83-metre long underwater tunnel through which visitors could see fish swimming above their heads or at a distance. He could not compete with the other two centers – S. E. A. Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore operating on Sentosa island, and stopped work from June 26.

Chan was one of 10 staff who remained to care for the animals until they find suitable places for accommodation. “He was a diver, a veteran aquarist and cared for animals since 1991, when they opened the aquarium,” reads the company’s statement, which temporarily stopped the transport of animals and has provided the authorities its assistance in the investigation.

The Straits Times notes that the death of Jang was the only such case in Singapore.

Chan worked with marine animals for over 25 years, in particular following feeding fish, and the New year fed the wards in costume of Santa Claus. “I treat them like my babies,” she told the Straits Times. Food for the stingrays and sharks he brought, as a rule, diving.

Shark he described as “gentle” creatures, who, though several times bit it, taking the fish, but each time released, once understood that it should not have. “Whenever I face danger, I just remain calm. I can overcome any danger when I’m calm,” he said.

Wards, Chan considered the “completely manual” and claimed that they recognized him under the water. He was very upset when he learned that the animals will be moved.

Underwater World diver Philip Chan: Being with the fish – it’s a job to dive for

In Singapore, Stingray killed a diver preparing to move him to another aquarium 05.10.2016

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