In Veseloe village of Adler district of Sochi sightseeing helicopter as-50 fell on a private house in Tsimlyanskaya street. As a result, one person was killed and six were injured, reports “Interfax”.

The incident occurred at 14:15. “The helicopter AC-50 crashed into the roof of the house 37 on the street of Alex. Previously, injured six people, one of them died. The helicopter is partially destroyed, there is no fire, but spilled fuel”, – told RIA “news” in the emergency services of the region.

An emergency, according to an eyewitness, occurred in the district of the Imereti lowland is a lowland on the Black sea coast between the rivers Mzymta and Psou, where the Olympic Park and other facilities remaining from the 2014 Olympics.

The eyewitness of incident has told, that has fallen, presumably, a helicopter, which make a sightseeing overflights of the area of Sochi. Meanwhile a source “Interfax” in emergency services reported that the crashed helicopter was returning to the airport with the demonstrations. According to him, the helicopter belongs to the airline “Eltsovka”.

The source channel REN TV said that the helicopter followed the route Krasnaya Polyana, Imereti lowland. The footage, published by REN TV and “Vesti-Sochi”, it is clear that the aircraft turned into a pile of metal.

According to preliminary data, obtained by TASS in law enforcement bodies, in the helicopter were six people who died was one of the passengers. In the house, which dropped the aircraft, nobody was there.

Life according, at falling the helicopter has damaged two private houses and a car in which there was a girl and a young man.

Were in the car were among the victims. According to the newspaper “Kuban news”, they pulled the rescuers and handed over to the ambulance.

In the management of the EMERCOM of Russia in Sochi confirmed one death and said that the five victims to the machines “Ambulance” sent to
the hospital, they all received severe injuries. “Two of the victims have serious injuries, three moderate severity”, – said the representative of the
control “Interfax”.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda – Kuban” reports the names of three victims: Gennady Ryabikin, 55 years – severe concomitant injury, brain concussion, fracture of the tibia (he was at the controls of the helicopter); Alexander Snorer, 25 years – cranial-a brain trauma, a chopped wound of the face, damage to the extremities, shock; Anna Stecklein, 23 years – brain concussion, fracture of the tibia.

As reported by the “Max-Portal”, the victims were taken to the regional hospital N4 in Adler.

The basic version of the fall: the failure and pilot error

“The preliminary reason of state of emergency – malfunction of the aircraft. We also consider the error in piloting,” said the interlocutor of RIA of “news” in the emergency services of the region.

The source of “Interfax” in the service of transport supervision of the region confirmed that there are different versions, among the major – malfunction of onboard systems. “The aircraft could not withstand the loads of the flight program of the demonstration”, he said.

In addition, cannot be ruled out errors, possibly made by the pilot. “The pilot experienced, however, from errors nobody is insured. Version of the human factor will also be checked,” – said the source.

Because of the huge amount of spilled fuel at the crash site there is a high probability of ignition, which may result in the explosion. The staff of the Ministry asked all citizens to leave a potentially dangerous area.

The helicopter was not allowed to take passengers

The helicopter, according to preliminary data, had no right to transport passengers, reported “Interfax” a source in the service of transport supervision of the region.

“Passengers on the flight was not sanctioned, that is, the pilot had no right to take anyone on Board,” said the source.
He said that the only victim of the crash was one of the passengers – a young girl.

South transport Prosecutor’s office will examine the circumstances of the crash, said Agency spokesman Agnes Savchenko. Upon a crash of helicopter being tested” at the scene of the Sochi transport Prosecutor.

In Sochi, the helicopter crashed on a private house, one person was killed 01.11.2016

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