In Pretoria, police dispersed with water cannons and stun grenades at the protesters, which went to the government building to demand the resignation of President Jacob Zuma. Protests continued in the capital of South Africa in a few weeks, and on Wednesday, November 2 intensified on the background of the proceedings in the High court concerning anti-corruption report, the publication of which the head of state tried to block.

As reported by the BBCearlier on Wednesday, representatives of Zuma stated that he withdraws the requirement for the postponement of the publication of the report of the public defender of Mandawali. This document provides information about the impact of oligarchic families Gupta on state power in the country.

Hearings on the report on the seizure of state power initiated himself, Jacob Zuma. He intended to meet with witnesses and to give the court written responses to their readings. According to Reuters, lawyers for the President said that the head of state regrets that he was not given that opportunity.

In South Africa the public protector is an independent auditor for the fight against corruption and misuse of budget funds. Madonsela investigated the authenticity addressed to the President of accusations that he allowed the Gupta family interfere in the formation of the Cabinet and public administration. As recalled by TASS, two years ago, a public defender proved that Zuma “improperly enriched” during the construction of a personal residence and have to return to the budget more than half a million dollars.

As for the current investigation, past Gupta and Zuma rejected all allegations of corruption, despite the fact that several Ministers said about bribery attempts. Now tuli Madonsela recommends that within 30 days to establish a special Commission to conduct the proceedings.

Opposition party South Africa has organized protests not only in Pretoria, but in the other cities. According to the BBC, for many people in the country, who doubted whether Zuma to stay in power, confirmation of his close Association with the oligarchs was the last straw.

Madonsela planned to publish the report last month, to the end of her seven-year tenure as a public defender. After the publication of its previous report, the construction of the residence, Zuma managed to avoid impeachment, as it was supported by Parliament. Now experts say that the resignation of the President is almost inevitable, as attempts to create a coalition government, undertaken in August, was a failure.

Presidency Jacob Zuma was due to be completed in 2019. The Gupta family of Indian origin settled in South Africa after the fall of apartheid in 1994. It owns a number of businesses from mining to media.

In South Africa published a report on corrupt ties of President Zuma, police disperse protesters with water cannons 03.11.2016

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