In South Korea inflames an unprecedented political scandal involving a confidant of President Park Geun-Hye. It turned out that the head of state trusted his 60-year-old confidante named Choi sung-SIL important political information.

By the decision of the prosecutors, the girlfriend of the President of the Republic of Korea was arrested the night before, according to Yohnap. The Central branch of the Prosecutor’s office in Seoul has 48 hours to make a decision about issuance of arrest warrants for Choi sung-SIL.

Before the arrest a friend of the head of state within a few hours of questioning on suspicion of meddling in Affairs of state and speculation influence. According to the representative of the Prosecutor’s office, arrested denies all the charges against her.

Supervisors fear that Choi sung-SIL can destroy the evidence. “Previously, she had fled abroad, and she has no permanent residence in Korea, so there is a risk she will abscond. She also is in a very unstable psychological condition, and may occur unexpected events, if let her go”, – explained the employee of Department.

In accordance with the criminal legislation of South Korea, the investigating authorities are entitled to detain a suspect if there is good reason to believe that he has committed a crime, he faced life imprisonment or the death penalty, or if there are concerns that those under suspicion might try to destroy evidence.

The appearance of Choi sung-SIL in public

Choi sung SIL came in for questioning at about three o’clock on Monday, October 31. She returned to South Korea on Sunday from Germany, where he stayed for about two months.

In front of the office of the Prosecutor Choi sung-SIL to reporters apologized. “I’m sorry. I committed a mortal sin. Please forgive me,” said a friend of the President.

Later, the lawyer Choi sung SIL said that his client thus expressed their emotions and legal significance these statements have not. “She’s very sorry that caused such a large commotion. She believes that it must suffer due punishment, if there was any violation of the law,” said the defender.

Journalists were waiting for Choi sung-SIL in front of the Prosecutor’s office in the morning. It was her first public appearance since the scandal began to flare up. The President’s friend got out of a black sedan in black clothes, her face was hidden under a black scarf and a black hat.

Some citizens with the appearance of Choi sung-SIL began suddenly to cry out: “Down with the Park Geun-Hye!”, “Arrest Choi Sung-SIL!” The Prosecutor’s office against this background, immediately released a statement expressing regret about the ensuing chaos.

On Tuesday, the 45-year-old man arrived on a large yellow excavator to the Prosecutor’s office where he had interviewed Choi sung-SIL, and tried to break into the construction machine through the gate. The security guard attempted to stop the vehicle, shot from a gas pistol, but was injured and was taken to hospital, reports Asian Correspondent.

According to the AP, police detained the offender. Details are not disclosed, we only know that the man called Jong. Was the 60-year-old Choi sung-SIL inside the building of the Prosecutor’s office at the time of the incident is unknown. The excavator driver said, “as Choi sung SIL said she committed a sin worthy of death, I came here to help her die.”

Even an old friend of the President

Choi sung-SIL has never held government posts. However, the investigating authorities suspect her influence in state Affairs through many years of friendship with President Park Geun-Hye. Assume that Choi sung-SIL has received and edited a draft presidential speeches before presenting them to the public.

Also friend of the President suspected misappropriation of funds of two nonprofit organizations (Mir Foundation and K-Sports Foundation), which received donations in the tens of billions of won from local companies to support various cultural and sports projects. According to investigators, a confidante of the head of state played the role of an influential mediator, forcing financial conglomerates to donate money to the funds through its connections with the presidential aides and high-ranking officials.

Also Choi sung-SIL is suspected of receiving benefits from the local banks for loans and other financial transactions. Familiar with the situation sources told Yohnap that the prosecution has gathered in the credit organizations, the documents related to a confidant of the President of South Korea.

Several hours later, after Choi sung-SIL appeared October 31, the prosecutors, the authorities visited the headquarters of the eight banks in Seoul with a search warrant (Woori Bank, Standard Chartered Bank Korea, Shinhan Bank, KB Bank, KEB Hana Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Citibank Korea and Nonghyup Bank). The Prosecutor’s office collected all the documents related to financial transactions of a friend of the President. According to sources, Choi sung-SIL has received several large loans, each time using as collateral his land in Pyeongchang County.

Recognition of Park Geun-Hye and anti-President protests

The scandal received an avalanche after Park Geun-Hye on Tuesday apologized during a televised address, partially admitting the validity of the charges. The head of state said that he had consulted with Choi sung-SIL when preparing their public speeches.

On Saturday thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Seoul demanding the resignation of Park Geun-Hye. On Sunday, in the face of unprecedented public pressure, the President conducted a reshuffle of his Secretariat. Because of the scandal, the ranking Park Geun-Hye has slipped to 10% – the lowest indicator for all time of its presidency since February 2013, according to local sociological center Gallup Korea.

Choi sung-SIL – a daughter and follower enjoys the grim fame of the preacher Choi Tae the Mine, the founder of the sect of the “Church of eternal life”, to practice a mixture of Christianity, Buddhism and Korean shamanism, reports “Kommersant”. Cultist died in 1994. Park Geun-Hye met him in 1974 at the funeral of his mother killed by opponents of the current President’s father, the dictator of South Korea, Park Jung Hee. Earlier the press reported that the leader of the sect walked into the credibility of the current President of South Korea, convincing her that may come in contact with her dead mother.

North Korea asked not to interfere

On the eve of North Korea strongly condemned the Park Geun-Hye because of the scandal with her friend, receiving admission to domestic Affairs. “This case is a clear proof of the true nature of the regime of Park Geun-Hye is the most distorted, abnormal and foolish in the modern society”, – was reported yesterday in the main North Korean newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”.

In response, the government of South Korea asked Pyongyang not to interfere in the internal Affairs of the South, reports Yohnap. “North Korea must immediately stop its interference in the internal Affairs of South Korea. It is advisable to Pyongyang focused on improving the lives of its people”, – said the representative of the Ministry of unification of Republic of Korea.

In South Korea detained a sectarian – friend of the President on suspicion of meddling in the running of the country 01.11.2016

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