In Barcelona on suspicion of links to organized crime and money laundering arrested 11 people. Most who were arrested are Russians and Ukrainians, according to the Prosecutor’s office of Spain in the fight against corruption. Among those arrested were the owner of a Japanese restaurant Yubari luxury in Barcelona, notes El Mundo.

The investigation found cases of organized crime, money laundering, forgery of official documents and tax evasion, the statement said the Prosecutor, quoted by Reuters. Arrested used the capital of companies registered in Cyprus or the British virgin Islands to acquire or establish in Spain the company through which you purchased Spanish property.

The Spanish Prosecutor’s office found 10 million euros of laundered money that was invested in the acquisition of immovable property in the country.

Spanish police also issued 16 warrants, blocked numerous Bank accounts and confiscated the property associated with the criminal group. Including the arrest was effected on a luxury Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, said the Prosecutor.

This is the second large-scale deal with the alleged participation of Russian criminal syndicates from may this year, when Spanish authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of 12 Russians, including people from the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Spain on suspicion of links to crime and money laundering was arrested Russians and Ukrainians 12.07.2016

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