The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, who recently criticized his Republican opponent Donald trump for excessive sympathy to Russian President Vladimir Putin, she in private conversations repeatedly spoke positively about the Russian leader and advocated the development of “positive relationships” with Moscow. This drew the attention of the TV channel FoxNews, analyzing the speech of former Secretary of state, caught in open access after the website WikiLeaks published the electronic correspondence of the head of the electoral headquarters of Clinton.

According to the channel, we are talking about the statements Clinton made after stepping down as head of the US state Department (left as Secretary of state in February 2013. – Approx. The presidential candidate of the United States, in particular, called Putin a “fascinating” and “very interesting interlocutor.”

So, during a speech in the largest investment Bank Goldman Sachs on June 4, 2013, Clinton said: “I wish we could continue to build more positive relations with Russia.” “Obviously, we would love to establish positive relations with Russia and we would like, that Putin has taken a less defensive position in relations with USA, so we can work together on some issues,” said former Secretary of state in the course of this speech.

In a speech to an international consulting Agency Sanford Bernstein on may 29, 2013 Clinton praised Putin. “I was sitting next to [Putin]. He’s fascinating and, you know, is a very interesting person – said the former head of the US state Department. We talked about many issues that have not been sore topics between us [US and Russia]”.

Speaking at the United Jewish Fund of Chicago 28 Oct 2013, more details Clinton described his relationship to Putin. “If we talk about interest, Vladimir Putin is always interesting. You’re never sure what he’s going to do or say next, and he always (…) protects and promotes mother Russia. So what we have with him was interesting,” said the former Secretary of state.

Earlier this week, press Secretary of democratic candidate Glen Caplin in an email to FoxNews called the leak of correspondence Podestà Internet “set up by Vladimir Putin’s attempt to intervene in these elections” (President of the United States. – Approx.

It is worth noting that the FBI has already started investigation of tampering with the mail is head of the Clinton campaign. He informed Podesta accused in the leak of hackers from Russia. While the e-mails were published on the WikiLeaks website.

Washington October 7 formally accused Russia of hacking the servers of the US Democratic party. “The U.S. intelligence community believes that the Russian government ordered about the recent break-ins of electronic communications of individuals and institutions, including political organizations in the United States. The recent unveiling of the alleged stolen emails on sites such as WikiLeaks, and online persona Guccifer 2.0 is consistent with the methods and motivation of actions, guided by Russia”, – emphasized in a statement the Ministry of homeland security and office of the Director of national intelligence.

The Kremlin has rejected the accusations, calling them “nonsense”. The Russian foreign Ministry stated about the lack of evidence of Russian involvement from the American side.

During the second round of pre-election TV debate Clinton assured that will confront Russian President Vladimir Putin on a post of the President. Clinton suggested that Russia wants to see trump President of the United States. For this reason, she said, the Kremlin is trying to influence the election in the United States.

In speeches, Clinton has found praise of Putin 13.10.2016

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