In St. Petersburg a memorial plaque to Admiral Alexander Kolchak, installed 12 November the Bolshaya Zelenina street, 3, was painted over with spray black paint, according to “Fontanka”. It was shortly before its official opening and the meeting of the court, which must consider five claims from opponents signs.

Now the inscription “In this house from 1905 to 1912 he lived an outstanding Russian officer, a scientist and Explorer Alexander Kolchak” daubed on the facade of the building was spray-painted graffiti: “Killer Kolchak”. Place of vandalism was visited by two police officers who from communicating with journalists refused.

A memorial plaque to Admiral Kolchak had established the movement “White matter”. Representative of this historical and cultural center told RIA “Novosti”that the initiators issue a statement to law enforcement authorities about an act of vandalism. According to him, the Board will be washed, and in agreement with the administration of the Petrograd district, the centre will take measures to ensure its safety and prevent similar incidents in the future.

The installation of the Board dispute in court

The official opening of the Board scheduled for November 16. The installation challenged in court levopatrioticheskih activists of the movement “Essence of time”, which is headed by the political scientist and Director Sergei Kurginyan. Consideration of their claims is scheduled for November 17 in Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg.

Representing the plaintiffs lawyer Oleg Barsukov told “Interfax”that already filed five claims with the requirement to remove the Board. Applicants are asked to recognize the illegal decision of the city government about the installation of the Board and to dismantle it. “Complaints have been filed against five residents of St. Petersburg, but later they may merge into one,” conceded the lawyer.

Badgers, according to “Fontanka”, he is a supporter of kurginyanovskogo movement and one of the initiators of the trial. He said that the original application was filed in the city court of St.-Petersburg, but there it is not accepted and now the process is at the location of the defendant – the government of St. Petersburg.

The plaque Kolchak was established on 12 November, the installation was approved by Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. Locals waited for the provocations and attacks of the vandals, as previously happened with a plaque to Karl Mannerheim. It repeatedly doused with paint and even tried to chop up with an axe.

Alexander Kolchak – a military and political leader, Admiral, polar researcher, participant of the First world war. After the October revolution of 1917 had the opportunity to continue my career in the United States but returned to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks, considering them detrimental to the power of the state. Member of the white movement in the East. In addition to the charges related to his participation in the civil war, Kolchak was also accused of removal of a large part of the gold reserves of the country abroad. Was shot in 1920, not rehabilitated.

The first monument to Alexander Kolchak in post-Soviet Russia was installed in November 2004 in Irkutsk. This is a copper monument on a high pedestal of the work of Vyacheslav Klykov. Two years before that in St. Petersburg in the Marine corps of Peter the Great was a memorial plaque dedicated to Admiral Kolchak. In 2008 a memorial plaque in honor of Kolchak opened in the courtyard of the chapel of St. Nicholas of Myra in Moscow.

In St. Petersburg a memorial plaque to the Kolchak poured black paint in two days after installation 14.11.2016

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