In St. Petersburg unknown crooks robbed a pensioner, moonlighting as poetry. 79-year-old man was invited more than a million rubles, according to local media.

According to the site “Fontanka”on 17 October, the man went to the Bank to get money for their publications. This time he was approached by a young man who had come from Bulgaria and told me that he wanted to buy an apartment abroad.

For this purpose he was supposed to transfer the money, however, to withdraw them, required the presence of a Russian citizen. Trusting pensioner in the story of a con man believed and accepted him to help in obtaining funds.

After that he was taken to the car where he was asked to present a passport and a Bank card. Then he said that in order to transfer your from abroad money, it is necessary that the map could not afford.

When a pensioner withdrew all the money from the card, dropped him off at the bus stop of public transport. In this shot the scammers money for himself.

Just so they have received one million one hundred sixty thousand. According to the site Peterburgeanthe victim has already written the application in police.

In St. Petersburg, an elderly poet gave fraudsters more than a million rubles 04.11.2016

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