The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko signed a decree “On ensuring food security and support agricultural production in Saint-Petersburg”. Appropriate document published on the official website of the city administration.

This document claims the food regulations in case of war. According to the warrant, in the event of hostilities the inhabitants of the Northern capital guarantee the obtaining of 300 grams of bread (less than one standard baton “Rifled”. – Approx. per day for 20 days.

Food security at the expense of the food reserves. They are divided into minimum (“untouchable”) and operational.

Minimum stock of agricultural products (the minimum allowable margin used to ensure the immediate needs of Saint-Petersburg) shall be not less than one third of the total volume of food Fund.

“The volume of minimum reserves shall be not less than 20-day volume food facility approved by the government of St. Petersburg for corresponding year and the planned period”, – said in the ruling.

Operational reserves can be sold, including the market prices for flour and bakery products, adds “Fontanka”

The publication notes that the guaranteed 20-day rate to provide citizens with bread is introduced for the first time. Until 2015, the regional food Fund of St.-Petersburg has made 92,2 thousand tons, but last year it was reduced by almost a third. Under the new plan, the total amount of inventory in the next three years will be at least 69,7 thousand tons. They should last for a month and a half supply of 5.2 million inhabitants of the Northern capital the rate of 300 grams of cereals a day. Minimum stock in the next three years will amount to 31.1 thousand tonnes, including 21.7 thousand tons of wheat and 9.4 thousand tonnes of rye.

Note that during the great Patriotic war, the norm of bread in Leningrad was the first 800 grams of bread. However, she repeatedly declined. During the siege the inhabitants of the city, in addition to the workers, had been only 125 grams of bread. At this rate, they lived more than a month – 35 days. Many died of hunger.

In St. Petersburg approved food regulations in case of war 10.10.2016

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