Krasnoselsky district court of St. Petersburg sanctioned the arrest of 35-year-old head of the Autonomous non-commercial organization “North-West center of legal expertise” (ANO “SSCCE”) Yury Parfyonov, announced “Version on the Neva” on Wednesday the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Petersburg Sergey Kapitonov.

As explained a source close to the investigation, Parfenova suspected of fraud in especially large size. According to investigators, in the “North-Western centre of forensic expertise” was made documents on the basis of which was the misappropriation of the apartments of the dead natives.

Earlier it was reported that on October 27, 2016, the court rejected the petition for arrest Parfenov in another case brought under part 2 of article 292 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Office forgery”). The suspect was sent under house arrest by the decision of the Deputy chair of the court Galina Ershova. The judge was presented with five positive characteristics to Parfenov.

That this measure will be appealed, immediately said the lawyer Boris Babushkin, the victim. According to investigators, he lost the apartment bequeathed to him on the basis of bogus expert opinion, made Parfenov.

November 1, the investigation failed to secure the arrest of a suspect in connection with what grandma has withdrawn its request to change the measure of restraint. “The coroner believes that a centre of expertise Parfenov was concluded on the basis of which “pressed” apartment in the Kalinin district,” explained grandma. According to him, all criminal cases Parfenova merged into one and transferred to the Krasnoselsky district Department of GSU SK the Russian Federation.

Found that Yuri Parfenov, working as head of Department of gerontology urban clinics N91, instructed the head of the Department of prevention of the clinic Egor Ermishina to arrange out-patient medical record without a number in the name of a local resident and Advisory psychiatrist with knowingly false data about organic brain disease. Then Parfyonov has issued an expert opinion about the presence of the same local resident mental illness in connection with which he allegedly could not control his actions at the signing of the will.

Based on these documents submitted to Kalininsky district court of St. Petersburg, was declared invalid a contract of sale of an apartment in Luga street value of 2.9 million rubles.

The same criminal episode are revealed in the Nevsky district. According to investigators, Ermishin and Parfenov made the conclusion on the existence of mental illness at another local resident, with the result that he supposedly could not control his actions during marriage. In the end, the wife of a Petersburg man lost his apartment and other property.

Occupying the post of the head of Department of gerontology, Parfenov had direct access to personal data of pensioners. During searches in his office, detectives found several blank diplomas of the state sample about the higher medical education and official seals.

Ermishin earlier was also taken into custody, he formally charged. In the press the investigation of these real estate fraud case Petersburg called “black psychiatrists”.

Note that for a short period of ANO “SSCCE” has become one of the leading organizations in its segment. Drawing the Investigative Committee, interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies.

The opening of SSCSE financed by one of the co-owners GK “the Baltic Coast”. He also provided substantial support in the administrative resource, writes

Commercial forensic psychiatry

By law, non-state organizations are forbidden to carry out research, which essentially is a pre-trial investigation action. However, in some regions of Russia forensic psychiatry already has been farmed out to private owners. In the Ministry of health found a legal loophole through which the necessary licenses the merchants began to receive from local authorities.

In St. Petersburg this is the case the last two years. “The attack was on two fronts – wrote “version on the Neva”. – On the one hand, all possible instances have been inundated with complaints about the refusal to grant such licenses. Especially notable in this direction the President of ANO “St. Petersburg Institute for independent expertise and evaluation” (SINEO) Natalia Sysoeva”.

Her colleague Yuri Parfenov went the other way and “began to press through the courts.” Appeal against the refusal of the health Committee of St. Petersburg in providing the coveted license center Parfenov had to listen to at the end of November. To support private psychiatrists decided even the current assistant chief of the regional Department of the Ministry of justice Dmitriy Volosevich, who drew this work Professor of the Ranepa, Andrey Kuprin.

Businessmen do not hide that want to turn forensic psychiatry in a profitable industry. Their aspirations they covered the fight against corruption, which, according to them, is the monopoly of the state expert institutions. While Kuprin was told that the customer is in private centers always gets the desired result, because the best experts “have as its object is solely to prove the fact that he makes money fraudulent examination, is impossible.”

Fraud committed with the participation of the head of SSCSE Yuri Parfenov, were identified in the process of investigation of criminal case about robbery 13 years ago. And in this crime were involved in the head of the municipality of Kolpino Vadim Ivanov.

As appears from criminal case materials, in 2003, the robbers attacked Olga Makina and took her 46 thousand dollars. One of the attackers fired two shots at the victim, but she miraculously managed to survive.

The trial in this criminal case took place in 2014 in the Central court of St.-Petersburg. Then lawyers of the defendant, Anton Vasilenko claimed that the testimony Larga can not be trusted because she allegedly could not identify the attackers after ten years. At the request of defense psychiatric experts Yuri Parfenov and his colleagues at the 91st urban clinic Sophia Novick made a report, which, according to the judge Leontiev, “publicly called Makino mentally ill person”. It turned out that the experts in Novick and Parfenov actually was diagnosed with “schizophrenic delusion” and “delusional disorder”, never having met with a very Larga and using only the documents.

However, the courts of first and appeal instances, has unequivocally determined that the opinions of these specialists, doctors “are biased and clearly intended to discredit the testimony of the victim”.

The second robber, who was a senior official Vadim Ivanov, Makina identified by chance. Once before the new year 2014 she was at home washing the dishes and heard on TV a familiar voice. Approaching the screen, the woman, according to her, literally cried when I learned my abuser current head of the municipality of Kolpino.

After all the defendants in the attack on Olga Makina, in addition to Ivanov, was already convicted, the woman at the end of January 2016, filed a complaint on psychiatrists Parfenov and Novik in seven different instances. She demanded punishment up to deprivation of their right to engage in professional activities. Almost everywhere came some replies. The only result was that six months later, the complaint was transferred to the district police Department, where the matter died down after the only visit of the Complainant for questioning. On 29 September, Ivanov was arrested. Soon investigations into the actions of psychiatrists have moved from a dead point.

In St. Petersburg, arrested the Director of the private center of legal expertise involved in fraud with apartments 10.11.2016

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