In St. Petersburg the three defendants in criminal cases of “samogon” expensive SUVs were accused of attempted fraud in the insurance industry and false accusation, two of them arrested, according to “Fontanka” with reference to the St. Petersburg investigative Department of the investigative Committee.

A native of Azerbaijan adalat of Ganbarov and Oleg Korzenowski and Khalid of Hadjimuradov charged with violating part 3 of article 30, part 4 of article 159.5, part 1 of article 306 of the criminal code.

Within four months the accused has surpassed overseas Lexus LX570. The car was insured and acquired under a lease agreement. Attackers staged the theft of foreign cars. To report it stolen to the police came Ganbarov. Police he knew the fight with the paratroopers, for which in 2012 he received a suspended sentence.

Installed in the car alarm satellite confirmed the fact of theft. Police Ganbarov came to receive the insurance indemnity in the amount of 6 million 750 thousand rubles, reported on the website of the UK. In this case the applicant was well aware that the vehicle is already in the middle East – on the border of Iraq and Syria, where the machine could be useful to terrorists.

“The accomplices of the criminal intent to end has not finished. Employees of the insurance company became aware of fictitious theft of the car. Ganbarov and Korzhevskogo taken into custody in relation to gadzhimuradova a preventive measure in the form of recognizance not to leave”, – says the official report of the investigators.

Law enforcers are checking information about accused of committing several similar crimes. St. Petersburg investigators have data at least 15 cases of “samougon” premium cars.

A similar case of “samougon” occurred in early July, when the unknown LTD acquired the lease car Toyota Land Cruiser 200. A couple of weeks later a company spokesman said about the theft. As it turned out, the car was sent to participants of hostilities in Iraq.

Another Toyota Land Cruiser 200 scammers have taken to the Syrian province of Idlib transited through Odessa and Turkey.

According to this criminal scheme is hijacked not only the SUVs. For example, the stolen Toyota Camry satellite are found in Tajikistan. In addition, law enforcement officers of St. Petersburg are still looking for the missing in April of this year, the BMW X5.

In St. Petersburg arrested two of the three defendants in the case of the “samougon” SUVs to the middle East 13.09.2017

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