Thirteenth arbitration appeal court in St. Petersburg ordered the management of the security company to pay huge compensation for the Bank robbery almost 140 million roubles. The money was stolen in that moment, when collectors stopped on the ring road because of a breakdown of their armored truck. Nearby, the robbers entered with guns, which the guards did not offer resistance.

In fact, the compensation will be not a Bank, and the insurance company Ingosstrakh, which had previously compensated material damage to the bankers, reports “Interfax”.

As follows from published judicial decisions, the amount of damage from a daring robbery estimated at 139,4 million rubles. Insurers have paid this amount to the Bank “Opening” and then filed a lawsuit against the chop “Alex West”,
employees who were transporting the stolen money.

May 19, 2015 arbitration, denied the insurer in satisfaction of
requirements, but the decision was appealed. Complaint upheld 14

In the court’s decision a significant place is given to the assessment of actions
collectors. In particular, it is noted that they acted within
official instructions, the requirements of which are not fully consistent with
the terms of the contract between the PSC and the Bank.

“Ingosstrakh” and the Bank “Discovery” that the lawsuit was the second party, pressed on two factors: the security guard chop, according to the agreement with the Bank, had to open fire on the attackers. In addition, the lift truck according to the opinion raised by the Bank experts, opened only from the cockpit. Accordingly, there was no force majeure prescribed in the contract between the PSC and the financial institution, writes “Fontanka”.

However, the rules of the Bank, carriers were instructed to just lock myself in the cab and wait for reinforcements, which they did. Shoot to Cade, where there is mass gathering of people is prohibited by the law on security activities. And in fact there is an examination, which speaks of the opening of the lift and not about its opening from the cab. So the question of guilt, which, according to experts, in any case, insurance is a principle, remains open.

In chop “Alex West” intend to challenge the decision of the court. It also noted that the company is not such a huge monetary amount for compensation.

This security company has existed for 18 years. Basically it was serviced recently, banks “Opening” and “Admiralty”. But after the robbery on the ring road the “Discovery” broke the contract. And “Admiralty” September 15, 2015 the Central Bank withdrew the license.

Recall that a daring crime was committed almost two years ago, on November 27. At about 13:25 on the ring road section between vanšu bridge and the exit to Murmansky highway due to a mysterious breakdown of the collector stopped the truck “KAMAZ”.

“Refused all the electronics, the car stalled and the driver parked it on the roadside,” said a police source.

Until the armored car was on the side of a 82-km outer ring road A-118 (CAD), it was approached by a van, which jumped five intruders in masks and with “objects, like machines”.

Criminals insulated collectors in the cab, then the cab tied a sling with a carabiner protracted, locked the doors of KAMAZ, closed the glass and metal shields
employees ordered collection, to lie on the floor of the cab.

After this the robbers through the opened due to a technical malfunction of the door had penetrated into the body, whence have stolen nearly 140 million rubles and disappeared.

By the way, in a hurry or for other reasons one of the Kalashnikovs criminals left in the back of the armored car. It was later determined that in fact it is impossible to make a shot for technical reasons, and “trunk” used only for intimidation.

In the city was introduced plan “Interception”, but to detain criminals in hot pursuit failed.

In fact the incident a criminal case was opened under part 4
article 162 of the criminal code (“Robbery, committed in order to seize property in
especially large size”).

We will add that in the last two years, the Otkrytie Bank was robbed several times. In April 2014, the raiders claimed a large sum from the branch on Sredneokhtinsky Prospekt, and in December was 750 thousand rubles from the Bank at the Bucharest street.

In April 2015 the man in the mask and with a gun, breaking through a floor, have taken away from “Open” to Star street 120 thousand euros (about 7 million). 13 February 2015 at a post-office N105 in the house on the prospect of strikes in an attack on collectors of the Bank “Opening” was stolen 2.5 million rubles. In may this year, the raiders were arrested, but the money they already had. It is noteworthy that in this case, neither the Bank nor the insurance company claims are not filed, although the result of the perpetrator installed.

In St. Petersburg, chop, whose employees “gave” no resistance to the robbers 140 million roubles, shall indemnify the 24.09.2015

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