In St. Petersburg was closed pasta bar C1tizen because of the snarky comment in the social network of the chef’s time and one of the founders of the institution Gregory Pashukevich about the death of one of the most famous commanders of the separatists of Donbass Arseniy Pavlov, known by the call sign Motorola. It became known yesterday that a bad thing was worth a man’s work.

“In connection with the fall of our ranking in all the media and social networks a decision was taken to close the institution as more uncompetitive. Rankings dropped after a review of Gregory Pashukevich. The project has no future. The project is closed,” explained The Village representative of the institution.

Late in the evening of 19 October on the official website of the restaurant in the social network “Vkontakte” it was reported that the closure of the institution, which implicitly recognized that the reason for this decision was it careless words of Gregory Pashukevich on the Internet.

“The words may be different. Some help us, some the opposite. But as we all remember, the word is not a Sparrow. Well You know the rest. That said – you can never return. What has been done – we can only try to remake”, – stated in the message. While the restaurant apologized to anyone “hurt, upset”.

Reporters The Village was able to contact Paskeviches, which confirmed his personal withdrawal from the project, but to comment in connection with the situation refused. Thus in conversation with “Rosbalt” he admitted that he had contacted law enforcement because of the threats coming at him. “The insults that I write is nonsense. But received threats about which I contacted the police,” said Pashkevich.

Previously, short poetic comments on his page in Facebook, Paskevich wrote that Pavlov before the war in the Donbass worked at the car wash, and his wife was allegedly a woman of easy virtue, but now they have become the “hope of the NPT.” He later deleted his account, but screenshots of the post already scattered across the Network, but Internet users found out the place of work of the chef and began to leave negative reviews on the pages of the institution in social networks.

Motorola died 16 October the detonation of an explosive device at the entrance of a residential building in Donetsk. Several people were injured. The head of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk national Republic” (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko said that this is the security Service of Ukraine, and described the murder of Motorola as a Declaration of war to the Donbas President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Investigative team of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of state security DNR has classified the incident as a terrorist attack. The investigation stated that the composition of explosives and the construction of the bomb, which killed Pavlova, similar to what was found in the attempt on Zakharchenko, prevented 28 APR 2016. At the same time, unofficial sources in the DNI does not exclude the criminal version of the death of Motorola.

In St. Petersburg closed the restaurant for the sarcastic comment to the chef about Motorola 20.10.2016

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