In St. Petersburg dismantled the plaque in memory of Lieutenant General of Russian Imperial army and President of Finland, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. Plaque in honour of the Finnish commander of the dismantled late in the evening on Thursday, according to “Fontanka”. It was loaded onto a truck, which left Zakharyevskaya street, accompanied by a DPS machine.

After that, the place where the hanging Board, was surrounded by forests, and the land began to paint working. They reported “Fontanka” that the work on the project, and to paint the wall of asked a friend, “whose name is Igor.”

Later, the Russian military historical society reported the new location of ekpozitsii memorial plaque: “Memorial sign Carl Mannerheim, formerly in
Saint-Petersburg on the building of the Military Academy of logistics
provide the name of the army General A. V. Khrulyov moved Russian
military-historical society Museum-reserve “Tsarskoe Selo”. Now
it will be stored as an exhibit in the Museum of the First world war
“Military chamber”. (Quoted by “Interfax”.)

Plaque on the facade of the building of the Military Academy of logistics on Zakharyevskaya street stayed there for four months. During this time she was repeatedly doused with paint and even tried to chop up with an axe.

Commemorative plaque in honour of Mannerheim officially opened on June 16 with the participation of the now former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. In the place where it is located, are the former barracks of the cavalry guard of Empress Maria Feodorovna regiment, where Mannerheim had served from 1891 to 1897 after graduating from the Nikolaev military Academy.

Almost half the life of the national hero of Finland to Russia, however, the public of St. Petersburg is sharply divided in assessing his role in history. Supporters tend to think of his services to the Royal army, participating in the Russo-Japanese and First world wars, the Asian expedition. Opponents to perpetuate the memory pointed to part of the Finnish army in the siege of Leningrad and the role of Mannerheim as commander in chief in this process, and also blamed direct contacts with the leader of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler, who on 4 June 1942 was a guest at the 75th anniversary of the Finnish Marshal.

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is considered a national hero in Finland, but 30 years of his life connected with Russia. In 1887 he went to serve in the Russian army, where he served until 1917. He served at the Imperial court in St. Petersburg, participated in the Russo-Japanese war, commanded the Russian army in the First world. After the October revolution and the coming to power of the Bolsheviks Mannerheim left Finland.

30 November 1939 – the day of the Soviet-Finnish war (1939-1940 years) – Mannerheim was appointed Supreme commander of the army of Finland. Under his leadership, the Finnish troops were able to withstand the first blow of the red army and successfully conduct combat operations against the enemy with numerical superiority.

9 March 1940 Mannerheim recommended that the government of Finland to look for any ways to the world because the reserves were exhausted, and the exhausted army was unable long to hold the front against a much stronger opponent. 13 March in Moscow signed a peace agreement on the terms of Union, to which Finland gave the Soviet Union 12% of its territory.

In St. Petersburg dismantled the plaque Mannerheim 14.10.2016

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