The Museum of St. Petersburg state art-industrial Academy named A. L. Stieglitz is prepared in November to present to the public the portrait of Nicholas II painted by the artist Ilya Galkin in the year of the coronation of the last Russian Emperor and for many years remained hidden in the back of a portrait of Vladimir Lenin.

Monumental portrait of Lenin to his full height, created by artist Vladislav Izmailovich, about 70 years was in the Assembly hall of the Leningrad school of N206, graduates of which, incidentally, was Arkady Raikin and Sergei Dovlatov. In 1970-e years the painting was accidentally damaged, and to restore his started experts Academy. Stieglitz about three years ago.

“In the course of work on the other side of the road was discovered portrait of Emperor Nicholas II of authorship Galkin, written in 1896, the year of the coronation, Petrovsko-merchant trade school. Izmailovich covered the portrait with water-soluble paint, and he was from the wrong side of a portrait of Lenin. If you look at their images comparable in scale and partly on situation”, – quotes RIA “Novosti” message representative of the Academy.

As noted by experts, in art practice there were cases when the same author wrote of the paintings on both sides of the canvas, however, the situation when a portrait by one artist were deliberately “hidden” on the underside of the work of another artist, is unique.

“We can’t go against history and to share the picture. Therefore, we assume at the end of November to put this bilateral linen in the center of the antechamber of the Museum of applied art”, – stated in the message on behalf of the Academy.

Artist Ilya Galkin was born in 1860, was a free student of the Academy of arts, then for a series of portraits received the title of class artist of II degree. Primarily known for portraits of high personages, close to the Imperial house and members of the Royal family. So, on account of his several portraits of Nicholas II over the years. He also wrote the icons are in several churches of St. Petersburg. He died in 1915.

Painter and graphic artist Vladislav Izmailovich (1872-1959) graduated from the Central school of technical drawing of Baron Alexander Stieglitz (now Artistic-industrial Academy. Stieglitz), portraits, landscapes, works of genre content. Known for his portraits of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Alexander Suvorov, General Vladimir Sukhomlinov.

Izmailovich was one of the first artists who wrote a portrait of Vladimir Lenin from life shortly after the October revolution. After 1918 created many variations of this portrait. Also created portraits of Lunacharsky, Mendeleev, Kirov, Marx, Zhdanov, Vavilov, Russian writers and Soviet leaders of manufacture, the subjects of “socialist life” and other works in the spirit of the time. Taught in universities and secondary schools, one of his students was Arkady Raikin.

In St. Petersburg for the first time expose the portrait of Nicholas II, 1896, are found on the reverse of a portrait of Lenin 08.11.2016

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