In St. Petersburg FSB officers on Tuesday afternoon, October 18, came
for documentation in the business center “Pulkovo star” in the office holding
“Soldrim” contractor “Rostec”, which supplies equipment for
the program of technical re-equipment of state-owned enterprises (CCI) and
receiving under it from the budget tens of millions of rubles, according to
the Internet-the edition “Fontanka”.

Holding “Soldrim” known in the market as an importer of high-precision machine tools
for metals, it services are included in “rostec”
plants, procuring products through public procurement.

According to SPARK, in 2015, the LMP entered into with a company
holding – “its Soldrim-MSK” – two of the government contract for 21 million roubles
acquiring a measuring tool and vertical milling
machining center.

According to the publication, the FSB are busy studying the last year of the contract,
concluded with the Leningrad mechanical plant named after Karl
Liebknecht. The plant is included in the scientific production concern “Technology
engineering”, which, in turn, included in Rostec.

Although the “Fontanka” wrote about the “investigative activities” of the FSB, in
“Coltime” these events have called the usual “check”. “It was
ordinary check, it’s all good, all the staff go
home. Nothing extraordinary,” – said in “Coltime” , “Radio Baltika”.

At the Leningrad mechanical plant “Fontanka” reported that on
events FSB heard “vaguely”, do not know the details and expressed
hope that no serious consequences will not occur. “We have recently
a competition for the supply of two turret-type lathes General
worth 23 million rubles. “Its Soldrim-MSK” applied. Equipment
we must receive until mid-December 2016,” said
the source.

One of the CEOs “Altima” Dmitry Alikhanov did not answer
calls. The founder of the company “Soldrim-SPb”
Oleg Gatiev said that the FSB was just interested in the company “of its Soldrim-MSK”.
“Now it’s an independent business Alikhanov. Roughly speaking, it
went behind our backs. In fact, we are now competitors, since
do the same with import high-precision machine tools. In
“Soldrim-SPb” it is recently no longer a Director, information
the tax authorities are directed”.

Gatiev said that the imported equipment of Rostec
fall under the sanctions. “We work with manufacturers directly. They
the competent authorities of their countries primarily interested in the end
enterprises consumers. We indicate who we have requests then
or other equipment. Failures in the delivery to happen. The main reason – if the company manufactures products for military use. To
civil instrument, in particular, included in rostec, our
foreign partners are more loyal,” explained Oleg Jatiev.

The structure of “Altima” observed the businessman with an American passport

“Altima” says that the company is one of the largest
suppliers of industrial Metalworking equipment in Russia
and the CIS.

Holding “Soldrim” consists of the companies “Engineering center Soldrim-MSK”,
“Technical center Soldrim-MSK”, “Soldrim-SPb”, “Edgetechnology-M”.
They are United in fact, the only activity is delivery
industrial metal processing equipment from Japan, Italy,
Spain, Germany, Switzerland, UK.

As can be seen from the public information unit “Altima” actively
participate in the program of technical re-equipment of the state
enterprises in Russia, including the military-industrial complex. In
specifically, “Technical center Soldrim-MSK” in 2013 put
Corporation “Tactical missiles” for 32 million rubles
turret lathes project in the framework of technical
re-equipment and reconstruction of production of the housing parts 32

“Fontanka” believes that the FSB were of interest to the company
“Soldrim-SPb”, which plays a significant role in the retooling of state-owned companies not
on the principle of import substitution, but simply imported.

Co-founder “Soldrim-SPB” is, according to SPARK,
Jaroslav Kalasinski. When creating the firm in 2003, he gave
tax on a foreign passport, issued by passport office
the city of Stamford as a citizen, registered in the state
Connecticut, USA. In 2009 Kalasinski received a new passport.
Organization that issued the document, the US state Department. American
registers of legal entities and businessmen Kalasinski too familiar.

In 2015, the Ryazan instrument plant (RPZ, is part of the
Rostec) has acquired over 41 million rubles Japanese horizontal
machining centers Matsuura. EBL produces not only
electrical and welding machines, but also navigation system and
motor control. Under open reporting, revenue
“Soldrim-SPb” from import of machines in Russia in 2015 amounted to 1.7 billion

In St. Petersburg FSB came with a search warrant to the office of the contractor Rostec 18.10.2016

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