In St. Petersburg for a few hours was paralyzed vehicular traffic on the inner ring road in the Avenue of Culture because of two accidents: first passenger car brand Renault crashed into a MAZ truck, and then arrived at the scene of the accident a medical helicopter crashed into another truck, reports the Agency “Interfax”.

Journalists must clarify that the incident occurred at about 15:00 when the driver of Renault Fluence, driving over the inner side of the ring road after the exit from the Avenue of Culture, crashed into a dump truck. As a result of road accident the driver received injuries of moderate severity.

To a scene there arrived ambulance helicopter to transport the victim to one of the nearest hospitals in the city. According to the information portal “Driver Petersburg”, the motorist suffered a broken leg, which is clamped together with the front part of the machine under the truck. Despite the fact that in the area of the incident, the traffic was blocked, one of those standing near the truck drove off and hit the helicopter blades.

As a result, physicians had to call the second helicopter, who eventually took the driver of the car. Arrived at the Commission after verification of set screws that damage the helicopter insignificant, and the machine flew away.

It is noted that as a result of two accidents a traffic jam on the ring road was 7.3 kilometres from Avenue of Engels to Toksovo highway. Journalists also note that this incident was the first in the history of St. Petersburg recorded an accident involving a helicopter.

In St. Petersburg in the accident was hit by a helicopter, flown to the place of another accident 21.03.2016

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