The police of St. Petersburg are checking on the fact of the conflict with the shooting, during which two men were injured. Among them was a famous athlete Chechen origin Umar Vakhaev. He is the champion of Russia on a greppling and the champion of the Chechen fighting.

Report of a fight that occurred at the house N208 Moskovsky prospect, came to the police of St. Petersburg on 30 September at 21:30. “The police immediately went to the scene of the accident,” – said the official website of the Moi.

According to authorities, 31-year-old participant in the fight was wounded from a traumatic weapons, and the 25-year-old man “caused injuries”.

“The victims received medical assistance, their life and health is not in danger,” added the police.

Employees of UMVD of Russia across the Moscow district to investigate the circumstances of the quarrel.

Meanwhile, the channel Mash has published a video from a surveillance camera, which captures the beginning of the conflict. But the details of the incident leads “Газета.Ru”.

According to preliminary data, the athlete Umar Vakhaev was resting in a place of entertainment, and then went outside and headed towards the Parking lot. At this point he was stopped by two young men. The conversation with them ended with a fight and the first blow struck Vakhayev, who sent one of his opponents down.

According to one eyewitness, after that Vachaeva had hard times. He was attacked by five people in white shirts, probably visitors to the nearest restaurant. “In the end, everyone sat on the guy periodically beat feet and head on the asphalt. The ending don’t know, but the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. All pedestrian crossing was in the blood, as the whole company,” explained the witness Andrey Failures.

Eyewitness Janina Brill added that the shooting was opened by “someone from the crowd”. Vakhaev and then got to his car, where he pulled out a traumatic gun, which is also floated, shot in the chest with one of the opponents. And according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Vakhaev, fired twice into the air.

On the scene left 15 police cars and two ambulances.

25-year-old native of Chechnya, Umar Vakhaev suffered only one defeat from Maxim Shvets February 22 2015. Since then, under MMA rules he advocated. Among the fighters defeated by Agaevym – Oleg Pereversev (rear naked choke), Grigoriy Kichigin (twice; the elbow lever and the judicial decision), and Bogdan Bulakh (manual suffocation by a triangle).

Vakhaev on the competition is the sports club “Berkut”. This community was established in Grozny in late 2010 and brings together about 1,000 athletes.

In St. Petersburg in the fight with the shooting injured the champion of Russia and Chechnya in martial arts Umar Vakhaev 02.10.2017

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