In St. Petersburg knackers defiantly brutally murdered a family of cats. Sadists laid the corpses on a bench in the yard on Queen Avenue, 26. In fact violence is checked.

As told the Internet newspaper “Fontanka” in St. Petersburg police, the news about the killing of animals received the day before, on September 29. As a result, data confirmed. “Is checked”, – said the interlocutor of the edition. According to eyewitnesses, Skinner opened the stomachs of two adult cats and six kittens.

Reports of zhivoderstvo already separated and in social networks. So, in the group “accident and emergency | Saint Petersburg” in “Vkontakte” wrote that the dead cats was discovered in the seaside area in the yard N26 on Queen street. “Some freaks (in other words to call them language doesn’t turn) just “opened” the animals!!! They had cut bellies, the insides out. And left they were near the benches, so everyone can see the result of their “work,” wrote a user named Igor Miloslavsky.

He said that it happened in his front yard. According to him, the actions of the flayers were killed two cats and six kittens. “It was written a statement to the police, waiting for the camera! People, be humans! Don’t kill the defenseless! Just show some mercy. And these freaks have no place in our society. I disgusting that these “people” live in my house…. It’s scary,” wrote Internet user (the spelling of the author saved).

Information Agency “news of Neva” clarifies that the appeal to law enforcement agencies written by the locals. They hope that surveillance cameras installed in the yard will help to establish the identity of flayers.

Thus, according to journalists, a similar incident occurred on the night of September 26, around the house N3 on the street Sofia Kovalevskaya in the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg.

Tragic news came also from the Tambov region. On Friday, the journalists of the portal “Your Tambov” have written that on the eve of Kotovsk passers-by and inhabitants of the house N10А on the street Bocconcini witnessed the brutal murder of the animal. The man on the second floor balcony screaming cut the cat’s throat, stomach ripped open and thrown down.

The massacre happened in front of children playing in the Playground. A dead cat with a bloody stomach removed people. The suspect in the crime, the man, according to neighbors, leads an asocial life, rarely leaves the house. Animal rights activists Kotovsk already wrote a statement to the police. Is checked.

In St. Petersburg knackers brutally murdered a family of cats 01.10.2016

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