In St. Petersburg unknown using Molotov cocktails set fire to the building of the business center on ulitsa Savushkina 55, where is the “Troll factory”, allegedly sponsored by well-known restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, who the media called “Putin’s personal chef”. The incident occurred on the night of October 26, but the information about it appeared only two days later.

As reported by “Fontanka”that night at about 01:20 surveillance cameras captured the building of the two people in masks, who threw three bottles with “Molotov cocktail” in the window of the second floor, which also houses the editorial office of the newspaper “news of Neva” – one of the media assets Prigogine.

The fire was extinguished by the administrator. Representatives of Newspapers applied in this context in the 34th police Department of the Primorsky district of the city, gave the guards about the video and promised to calculate the damage, the report said.

In the same building accommodated dozens of “trolls” – young online commentators who are trying to create a “right” of public opinion on a particular topic, the site says, Recalling that initially the ideological office is located in the district of Holguin, making these “trolls” began to call “Olginskaya”.

With activities of this “Troll factory” and attributed a series of attacks on opposition activists in St. Petersburg and arson of their cars that occurred last summer. The BBC Russian service also reportedthat people close to the Kremlin, the head of the company “Concord” Prigogine is behind the creation of the Internet filing opposition, which declared baiting.

One of them was journalist Denis Korotkov, who wrote a series of articles about Prigogine. The problems of the journalist began after material “Kitchen private army” – on the ties of the people from the security services Prigogine force in Ukraine and seen in Syria armed groups, known as “private military companies (PMCs) Wagner”.

The PMC connected with former colleagues of the head of the security service Prigogine Evgenia Gulyaeva, made famous by a video chase police for a motorcade restaurateur. The motorcade was arrested by the FSB for illegal use spetssignalov and “cool” numbers, and both driver and guard of a businessman who attempted to break up the video performance of the security services, was detained. As a result, the guard Prigogine brought the case under article 318 (“violence against a representative of power”) the criminal code.

Petersburg businessman Prigogine has long been familiar with Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials. A member of the group associated with Prigogine of companies “Concord catering” since the mid 1990-ies spent more than 15 thousand events and served more than 1.5 million guests. Forbes magazine in 2013 described a career Prigogine, noting that in 11 years he went from being the high-profile dinners for the President to largest defense contractor.

The success of “the Kremlin restaurateur” was not left without attention of the Fund of struggle against corruption based opposition figure Alexei Navalny. In January of this year, the FCO described the scheme, which resulted in the company, according to the Foundation, affiliated with Prigogine, received contracts for 40 billion roubles for maintenance of military camps, and in August, the FCO sent to the FSB appeal with a request to check the company Prigogine on suspicion of conspiracy to receive billions of dollars of contracts for the repair of objects of the defense Ministry. The FCO also closely studied the real estate and various assets Prigogine.

In St. Petersburg “Molotov cocktails” burned “the Troll factory”, which is associated with “Putin’s cook” 27.10.2016

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