In St. Petersburg at the art gallery “14/45″ on Saturday, March 19th, opened an exhibition of paintings by Andrey Sikorsky called “the Cats of famous artists”, which is a series of images of cats, written in the manner of the great painters of the past.

“This picture, made in the now popular genre of digital art, told TASS representative of the gallery Marina Nikolaeva. – We selected for the exhibition 21 works. Seeing these images of cats, viewers will be able to remember the styles and manner of writing of many well-known artists – Monet, van Gogh, Picasso, Munch, Warhol”.

At the exhibition “Cats of great artists” you can see “cat” “the Black square” and a version of “the Dance” by Matisse in the performance of the red cats, “cat” copies of other world-famous works in the style of impressionism, post-impressionism, cubism, Suprematism, surrealism, pop art.
“During the long century of European history, the cat has become an eternal symbol, an icon, in a stable complex character. And Andrew Sikorski started a fun game with this sign, said about the series of paintings by St. Petersburg writer and philologist Andrei Astvatsaturov at the reviews on the website gallery. – Feline leap-frog follow each other styles, directions, names: impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism, primitivism, cubism, Suprematism, surrealism, pop art… Blurred, as if drunk by Monet, van Gogh, distraught, disturbed by Munch, Picasso sad, apocalyptic Klee, Warhol autistic… still remains the cat. Through the eras, styles, names, through the languages of art stick all those same ears, same mustache and legs, same tail and the same cheeky face. All this economy, tells us Sikorsky, and remains not fully understood, not mentioned by name, despite Herculean efforts, together with Andrew Sikorski are making great masters… In his series of paintings unfolds strange encounter serious painting and caricatures. And high art is a caricature, and caricature becomes high art. But, anyway, laughter and irony prevail. The fact that the paintings of the Cubists seemed scattered, now assembled into a single unit. What was degumaniziruet, in the paintings of the Suprematists turns to humanism. And it’s all thanks to the cats”.

As reported on the website of “Peter Online”, exhibition in gallery “14/45″ on Vasilevsky island will be held until 9 April. The entrance is free. Moreover, the poster of the exhibition reads: “Come along with cats”. “Fontanka” wrote that the organizers were allowed to bring the exhibition an ordinary domestic cats, apparently, polemically reinterpreting the ban conductors “Cats can not be! With cats – not” from “the Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov.

The genre of digital art has proliferated since the late twentieth century. The essence of this trend in contemporary art – the creation of electronic images through use of computer simulations of traditional artist tools.

In St. Petersburg opened an exhibition of paintings with images of cats, written in the manner of famous artists 21.03.2016

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