Oktyabrsky district court of St. Petersburg sent under arrest of the detained on the eve in the suburbs of the administrator of one of the “groups of death” in social network “Vkontakte” 21-year-old Philip Budykina, known online under the pseudonym Philip Fox, reports “Interfax”.

The meeting proceeded behind closed doors because the case materials contain information about minors. TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” reports that Budykin when he was taken to the court room, not looking into the camera, “did not utter words” and did not respond to questions. However, as the message of “Interfax”, one question he answered the journalist asked him how he relates to teenagers, and Bodaken said, “Fine.”

Suspect arrested for two months, until January 14, 2017, on suspicion of incitement to suicide in the form of incitement. As reported by “Fontanka”, the judge Yury Shishkin sent Budykina in jail, having satisfied the petition of SK. The defense sought a more lenient measure of restraint. The lawyer Rostislav Gubenko said that the charge his client was not charged.

According to the investigation, Bodaken uses the Internet Nicky Philip Fox, Philip the Sea, Myron Ever since that moment, the Keeper of the Truth. It is a group related to suicide, including children. He denies all charges, claiming that “the quest” participants “groups of death” he did not give and never spoke with those who had committed suicide. “There is no evidence of my involvement in committed suicide there,” – said on the page of Philip Fox.

According to the materials of the case, from December 2013 to may 2016 was established eight such virtual communities with restricted access. To become members of the club, the participants passed some stages in the form of quest games to death, administrators used the so-called psychological traps.

According to investigators, Bodaken have created a virtual community minors which after initiation died. SK has confirmed 15 deaths, the suicide of five adolescents did not take place. Fox was detained by the testimony of seventh graders from Omsk, is also the group administrator.

Investigators believe that “groups of death” “death is promoted as the only correct and beautiful way out of difficult situations, cultivated depressive mental state, the use of violence against themselves and others”.

Philip Fox was born in Vyshny Volochok, and in the Moscow region Solnechnogorsk came from Ukhta

Philip Bodaken was detained in the town of Solnechnogorsk of the Moscow region, and then sent to St. Petersburg at the venue of a criminal investigation. According to the representative of the RF IC in St. Petersburg “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, most of his life before moving to the suburbs, he lived in Ukhta, in the Komi Republic. In Ukhta the apartment where he spelled out, the day before passed searches.

The newspaper writes that he was born there, but in the video published, in particular, on the Ukhta portal Progoroduhta.ruBudykin the operative question “where were you born”, calls the place of birth the town of Vyshny Volochek in the Tver region.

Representatives of the regional investigative Committee in the city of Ukhta, said that in the investigation do not participate and for carrying out a search in the city flew in specialists from St. Petersburg and seized some physical evidence that will help the investigation.

Series of searches related to this matter, was held in the Krasnodar region, Bashkortostan, Moscow, Volgograd, Voronezh, Tula, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Omsk regions.

In St. Petersburg the court arrested the administrator’s “group of death” in “Vkontakte” 16.11.2016

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