In St. Petersburg there was a conflict between the newly elected Vice-speaker of the city legislative Assembly United Russia Anatoly Drozdov and journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” Alexandra Garmazhapova. First, the MP, who also has the rank of Colonel, insulted the girl, and then, according to her, knocked from her hands the mobile phone.

The incident occurred October 5 in the foyer of the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. A few hours before the deputies chose Drozdov Deputy Chairman of the Parliament. However, the first working day in the rank of Vice-speaker turned to the Russia scandal.

About the incident the journalist reported on his page in Facebook. “First, the new Vice-speaker of thrushes passing by called me Garmazhapova (…), and then started looking for a fight – hit first the door, then knocked from the hands of the iPhone”.

To my story she made a video of the scuffle with a Deputy. At the time of this writing the video has received over five thousand hits.

Witnesses to the incident were two journalists – a correspondent of “the Essence of the event” Valentine Karelova and the journalist of the “Rosbalt” Sofya Mokhova. They confirmed the story of Garmazhapova. “It was,” wrote Karelova in Facebook.

According to her, after the meeting of Parliament, where Drozdov was appointed Deputy Chairman, the journalist walked down the corridor of the first floor of the Mariinsky Palace. “We were moving towards the Deputy Drozdov, who at this moment was talking on the phone. We shook hands with him, and suddenly he asked: “How’s Garmazhapova”. There was a pause, because such rudeness deputies of St. Petersburg Parliament would it not allow. After all they represent in the legislative Assembly of the interests of the residents of the cultural capital. But apparently, the new post is so infatuated with Drozdov, it’s obfuscation,” says Karelova.

The Deputy-“comb”

Hearing the insult in his address, Garmazhapova ran over a Deputy who continued to talk on the phone and demanded an apology from him. The scene she filmed on her phone. “I turned the camera on and went for it, he said. In the video you hear that he actually agrees and does not consider himself guilty,” says the victim. “What did you call me, Deputy,”comb,” says Garmazhapova, trying to attract the attention Drozdov.

“Novaya Gazeta” explainsthat the nickname of “the comb” Drozdov received after the previous elections to the state Duma in 2011. Then the Internet appeared the video, which people like Drozdov, using combs is trying to push in the ballot box is a pack inserted newsletters.

Note that reports of widespread fraud in the 2011 elections have led to a series of mass protests. One of the largest was held in may 2012 on Bolotnaya square in Moscow turned into clashes of protesters with the police, which later became the basis for excitation of criminal cases.

Hearing his nickname, thrush in some point, turns around, and then the video appear some static and noise are heard. According to the journalists, at this point, the Deputy struck Garmazhapova on the arm, knocking the phone from her. And while the journalist raised the gadget, thrushes disappeared into the office of another United Russia Alexander Kusaka.

Later, from the Cabinet to the noise came out into the hallway assistant Kusaka Valery Antonik. He tried to correct the situation, offer apologies, said that it called the “MP-comb”, and even casually admitted that he falsified the elections. This moment Garmazhapova also took video.

She stated that it did not intend to pull the incident on the brakes. She is going to appeal to the speaker of the Parliament, that he understood the situation and reacted to it. “This can happen to anyone. Drozdov was not lucky that he contacted me. And imagine if it was yesterday’s student? So is he just not get away with. I appeal to the leadership of the Legislature. We live in a legal state, and the member must answer for his words. As for trolling, it is the only one we got in the fight with the deputies,” – commented on the incident, the journalist.

“In front of me apologized for Drozdov, Vice-speaker of the warblers. But I don’t accept his apology and demand specifically from ham Drozdov” – she wrote in Twitter.

In the “United Russia” the behavior of the victim was considered incorrect

He Drozdov commented on the current scandal of the newspaper “My area” as: “Nothing happened, absolutely nothing happened. I have no versions, no, nothing to comment on. She was trying to insult me, provoke. But I have exposure”.

He also said, “don’t know her surname until the end of sounds”. In addition, he gave the word of the man and the officer (Drozdov has the rank of Colonel of the Armed forces) that did not hit the reporter. However, these words are at odds with the statements of not only Garmazhapova, but also other journalists who witnessed the incident.

The head of the press service of the legislative Assembly Elena Tymoshenko believes that the reporter deliberately provoked a scandal, as you first asked the question Deputy Dmitry Togovo about who his parents are, and then chased the Deputy Drozdov, calling him a “comb”. What Drozdov insulted Alexander Garmazhapova, distorting her name to the obscene, the press Secretary didn’t know. At the time of the conversation with the “New” she explained that has not watched the video.

Meanwhile, in the “United Russia” considered incorrect behavior itself Oleksandra Garmazhapova. “I can’t rate the work of journalists, but the first question she asked Deputy Dmitry Tugova, she just asked him: “Whose son you are?” – said “Radio Baltika” a press-the Secretary of party Alexander Kalugin. – I think this question is in principle incorrect”.

On data media, Anatoly Drozdov was born in Sevastopol. Over 28 years of his life to service in the Armed forces of the USSR and Russia in various positions. Holds the rank of Colonel.

According to the newspaper “My area”, this is the second convocation for United Russia Drozdov, V convocation the Deputy had not been elected.

Alexander Garmazhapova – Russian journalist is a native of Buryatia. At the age of six years moved with his parents to Petersburg. In 2011 with honors graduated from the Department of international journalism of the faculty of journalism Saint Petersburg state University. Worked at the St. Petersburg online newspaper “Fontanka”. In 2011 Garmazhapova was forced to resign because of the scandal around the elections with the participation of Valentina Matvienko.

Still in the process of working in “Fontanka” Garmazhapova participated in the press conference of member of the Public Council of the charity Fund “Federation” Vladimir Kiselyov, who organized a charity concert to help sick children with the participation of Hollywood stars and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. During the event, Kiselev repeatedly allowed himself against journalist voluntary statements, and also made emphasis on her nationality. “I don’t know which nation you belong to, but I’m Russian,” – said the “philanthropist”. In General, communication with journalists Kiselyov then over the scandal.

In St. Petersburg, the newly elected Vice-speaker of legislative Assembly has hit a journalist (VIDEO) 06.10.2016

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