In St. Petersburg sentenced the 58-year-old Hafiz Ahmetshina accused of real estate fraud. After the end of the trial revealed that the defendant realtorsa tried to sabotage it, spilling a toxic substance in the abode of Themis.

The Petrograd district court appointed the Hafiz Akhmetshina a sentence of seven years imprisonment. To serve time the woman is in a correctional colony of General regime, according to the official website of the Prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg.

The trial of Ahmetshina was not without complications. October 14 in the Central court was spilled mercury. Near the office of the Chairman of the court Olga Caulking were collected 25 grams of dangerous metal. “For this mass need to score three dozen thermometers, writes “Fontanka”. – Measurements have shown a 70-fold excess of the maximum concentration of mercury vapor in the room”.

The court was closed for decontamination, and the employees sent for examination. A criminal case was opened under article 30 and article 111 (“Attempt at causing of heavy harm to health”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

First of spilt mercury, which drew the attention of Hafiz Ahmetshina. The pensioner shouted “Help!” at the beginning of the meeting. In the end, the process was delayed.

Immediately there was suspicion that the defendant intentionally disrupted the judicial process, but Ahmetshina called this version nonsense.

In the future, the pensioner did not attend four meetings in a row, citing illness. Perhaps it was true. The woman’s apartment, emergency workers recorded excessive concentrations of mercury vapor almost 300 times.

November 23, judge Elena Ziganshina issued a verdict that shocked the defendant. This moment and have used the police to elicit a confession of another crime.

“And yet, Hafiz Mousefollow whether your mercury?” asked the guards. Ahmetshina, which were trembling lip, only nodded.

Hafiz Ahmetshina moved to St. Petersburg from Bashkiria more than 10 years ago. The woman organized a brothel in the apartment in the Admiralty district. After she was detained with the money the police Ahmetshina claimed that only worked as a cleaner and scrubbing floors in a brothel. Nevertheless, the court ruled that “Mamma” conviction.

Deciding not to tempt fate again, Akhmetshina changed occupation. In 2012, she has been certified within the voluntary certification system of services in the real estate market and received from the Association of realtors of St.-Petersburg the right to work. The certificate was valid until November 2015.

As a certified specialist Ahmetshina he was again convicted. In December 2013, the Petrogradsky district court appointed her a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

After the verdict pensioner worked in LLC “absolute house”. One of her clients gave her 450 thousand rubles in advance for the room, but housing has not received. For that Hafiz was again brought to trial under part 3 of article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud, i.e. theft of another’s property by deception, committed on a large scale”).

In court Ahmetshina pleaded not guilty, explaining that the victim she was not lying, and honestly fulfilled its obligations in finding a room and then transfer it to the property. However, the pensioner, according to her, was prevented by some circumstances beyond her circumstances.

The court as aggravating circumstances to take into account the fact that Ahmetshina go on offense “during the period of probation for committing similar crimes.”

In St. Petersburg the swindler-the realtor, razlivka mercury in the courthouse, got 7 years in prison 30.11.2016

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