In St. Petersburg at Griboyedov canal embankment there is a new road sign “Caution, fishers of pokémon.” Picture with his image published in your account in Instagram the user Vadim Sukhodolsky.

Photographed in St. Petersburg, the first road sign “Caution, fishers of pokemon!” – he wrote 2 Oct. The user also admitted that during the photo shoot he created a hazard for drivers, “catching around mark 3 pokemon”.

Judging by the photos the sign is located near the Church of the Savior on spilled Blood. Who was it hung up and when – is unknown.

Previously, the emergence of the traffic warning, urging people not playing pokemon at the wheel, reported by the American press, including CBS.

Photos of electronic scoreboard that says “pokemon and Don’t drive (don’t play pokemon at the wheel)” was published, in particular, the police of Ayer (Massachusetts).

And the Department of transportation of Arizona has placed on the tracks of the scoreboard that says “Pokemon Go is a no-go when driving”, reported the website of the Ministry.

About the danger of catching pokemon at the wheel warned and traffic police of the Tver region. In connection with the massive spread of games Pokemon Go the guards said that “after installing the game to mobile device users due to the passion become less attentive, and chances to become participants of road accidents are magnified”.

Pokemon Go mobile game with elements of augmented reality. The aim of the game is to find and train pokemon in the real world.

The word “pokémon” (Japanese “poketto of monsuta” or English pocket monster) is translated as “pocket monsters”. These virtual creatures have supernatural powers. Pokémon can be forced to fight, they can be shared and interact with other users of the game.

In St. Petersburg there was a road sign “Caution, fishers pokémon” 03.10.2016

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