The police of St. Petersburg establishes the identity of the two men who attacked the 44-year-old local businessman. The victim crippled, causing him injuries with hammers. The victim was recently released from a colony where served time for fraud worth tens of millions of rubles.

The beating of a businessman occurred at the home N56 on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street. The attackers ambushed the victim near her residence. The attack itself was filmed by a surveillance camera, and the video was published “”.

According to preliminary data, at about 21:00 October 26, two unknown in masks attacked the victim and beat him with hammers. According to captured, thugs beat merchant on the legs and arms and not on the head. Likely, they sought not to kill, but to maim the victim.

“Usually the athletes of the gangs hired for the education of the guilty: they are trying to strike at the joints without touching vital organs”, – said “Fontanka”.

The victim was sent to the Military medical Academy.


According to the press, beaten businessman enjoys a dubious reputation. Thus, the site of the St. Petersburg city court announced a verdict against the owner in February 2011. The man was convicted of embezzling 20 million roubles from their friends of residents. These funds were obtained under the false pretext of investment in promising projects.

When the Scam was exposed, the fraudster was sentenced to six years in prison. A source in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Petrograd area confirmed that the attack is “likely associated with past financial commitments” of the victim.

In St. Petersburg was brutally beaten with hammers businessman who served time for fraud of 20 million rubles 31.10.2016

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