In Stary Oskol the Belgorod region the drivers of the company “Escapestring”, which is engaged in passenger transportation, held a rally-flash mob against the authorities. They came with placards “Give our property” “the Governor, hear us” “No to corruption” and built their buses in the inscription “Putin, help!”, according to local site Go31.

The reason for the action was taken in the summer of the decision of the administration of Stary Oskol urban district to terminate the contract with “Escapestring”. It is noted that the company was the largest carrier in the city, but the authorities had claims to low quality of provided services. In the end, the drivers lost their jobs, despite the fact that the arbitral Tribunal in a dispute with the officials sided with the company.

According to the protesters, the administration squeezes its competitors, preferring their favorites,” according to Drivers filed complaints with the courts, Prosecutor’s office, the Governor of the region Yevgeny Savchenko and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), but there was no answer.

A flash mob to appeal to Putin was removed from the height of bird flight by a drone and posted on the web. To write drivers used the 42 bus. In the story, devoted to the flash mob, it is noted that the main aim of the campaign is “an objective investigation in the local passenger transportation market”.

Stary Oskol drivers are not first resorted to the method of attracting the attention of the head of state, after the intervention which, as we know, in a short time solved even the most complex problems.

So, in April of last year, Putin in a similar way were called the builders of the Vostochny space centre. However, they were not so laconic, as drivers from Stary Oskol, but also appealed to the President to “you”.

Then work written with white paint on the roof of the residential cabins stroygorodok in the Amur region the message to the President six-foot letters that could be seen from a great height. “Dear Vladimir Putin, Save the workers. I want to work. 4 months without wages,” – reads the inscription. In the end workers the money paid, although it was not so fast.

In Stary Oskol unemployed drivers built buses in the inscription “Putin, help” 27.09.2016

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