In Stavropol are investigating the murder of the Deputy of the Imam of the village of Kara-Tyube Ravil Kabalava. In Investigatory Committee do not exclude that the crime could be related to a conflict on the road. The deceased was well-known speeches in defense of hijab. Visitors to the funeral Kabalava said about locking their cars by security forces and interrogation.

Budennovsky Interdistrict investigative Department of the SU TFR in the Stavropol region opened a criminal case into the death of 38-year-old Deputy Imam of the village of Kara-tube Neftekumsk district. The body of the victim with multiple gunshot wounds was discovered the evening of September 26 reported on the website of the Investigative Committee. The deceased was found near his car on the plot of land adjacent to the highway Praskoveya – Achikulak.

The consequence considers some versions of murder. In the UK do not rule out the Association of crime with a possible conflict on the road when driving a vehicle. The mufti of Stavropol region Muhammad-Haji Rakhimov said “Komsomolskaya Pravda”that Kelbaliev were “conflict-free person.” “Ravil was a farmer – the most peaceful profession. No idea who the hand could climb to such a person,” – said the source publication.

Day on September 27 was held the funeral Kabalava. The participants of the funeral ceremony, told the “Caucasian knot”that their cars were stopped by security forces for questioning. “About 4,000 people gathered at the janaza (funeral prayer. – Approx., went to the cemetery about 500 people. After the funeral, people began to disperse, some went in the direction of Budennovsk. We walked home through the village of Achikulak, where there is a post in the middle of the village. Through this village we were driving home, we stopped and surrounded by riot police, all questioning,” – said a visitor to the funeral on behalf of Timur.

Also, the witness said that he did not know whether the lock of cars with reports of possible protests after the killing Kabalava. “No protests, no one has announced, nothing was planned. We just returned home to the village. Stop all, who rides with the funeral, the rest miss. We already are at the post, people stand in line, all being questioned,” – said Timur.

Another member of the funeral procession Alim said that perceives the actions of security forces as an act of intimidation. “This act of intimidation… If they are afraid of protests, they these protests provoked. People are so scared, no one here, not sure that it will not kill you. All these killings are repeated, none of them solved, we survive from their land, many people are leaving from Stavropol,” – said the interlocutor of “Caucasian knot”.

The research Affairs in the Stavropol Krai publication explained that the riot police now refers to the national guard, so the information about locking cars and the interrogation should check with them.

According to”Kommersant”, in the Stavropol region Kelbaliev was well known as a strong advocate of hijab girls Muslim women repeatedly Express their point of view in the media. In the Muslim community of the village of Kara-Tyube believe that the active position of the Deputy of the Imam was the reason for the “pressure of the security forces”. In October 2015, after the next performance Kabalava in defense of the wearing of Muslim headscarves in school, the police raided the house of a clergyman. The deceased had two families and six children. To feed them, Kelbaliev of doing business, says “Kommersant”.

For the last time this is not the first case of murder of a spiritual person in Stavropol. A year ago in Kara-Tyube was shot and killed Deputy Imam of the village of Irgakly Zamirbek Makhmutov. The investigation did not exclude the version of murder on religious grounds.

In Stavropol are investigating the murder of the Deputy of the Imam, known performances for wearing the hijab 27.09.2016

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